New Albums And Singles Preview – 2009 December Week 1

T-ara Vol. 1 – Absolute First Album (released)

01 One & One
02 Like the First Time
03 Bo Peep Bo Peep
04 Tic Tic Toc
05 Bye Bye
06 Apple is A
07 Falling U
08 You You You
09 Lies – Dance Version
10 T.T.L (Time to Love)
11 Lies – Slow Ver
12 TTL Listen.2
13 Good Person
14 Want to Play?

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releases their first full album 120 days since their debut with their
song “Lies.” The group continued on with their next single “TTL” with Cho
Shin Sung, receiving much recognition and love. Top composers Bang Shi
Hyuk and Shin Sa Dong Tiger took part in addition to Jo Young Soo
(Lies) and Kim Do Hoon who have already worked with them. The album
includes their past two singles along with six brand new tracks.

Younha Vol. 3 – Growing Season: Part b (December 8)

01 Say Something
02 We Broke Up Today
03 I Like You
04 It Must be Comfortable
05 Realize After Breakup
06 Lalala
07 22nd Road
08 We Broke Up Today (INST)
09 Realize After Breakup (INST)

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Younha returns with part B of her third album, titled, Growing Season.
It consists of seven new tracks and showcases all her potential. To top
things,female diva Hwayobi and male vocalist, Kim Bum Soo took part in
the album, making it all the more worthwhile. The song “We Broke Up
Today” is a sad ballad number which expresses one’s truthfulness on the
hardships of breakup. It was penned by Hwayobi. “It Must Be
Comfortable” on the other hand is a bright number with great harmony.
It was composed by Yoo Hee Yul and Younha herself. Other tracks are
“Realize After Breakup” which features Kim Bum Soo, “I Like You” which
is of the modern rock genre, and “Say Something” which is a song with
swing rhythms, composed and penned by Younha herself. The last song is
22nd Road, in which Younha plays the piano herself and has a new age feel
to it.

Park Jin Young – Sad Freedom (released)

01 Sad Freedom
02 No Love No More
03 Rewind
04 Come Over
05 No Love No More (R&B Mix)

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Jin Young makes a comeback at the end of this year, two years since his
seventh album in 2007. The title track is “Sad Freedom” which is about
living alone sadly because falling in love because you don’t want to be
alone, will only bring heartbreak to others. The song is of the ballad
and funk genre with goovy dance beats. This album marks the 15th
anniversary Park Jin Young has been in the music industry.

Eun Ji Won Vol. 5 – Platonic (December 10)

01 Intro
02 Platonic
03 Out of Control
04 Uneasiness
05 Siren
06 Everything
07 Like the First Time Only
08 Favorite
09 160
10 Dangerous _Winter Version
11Adios _ Latin Jazz Version

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Ji Won who has been on many variety shows recently including 1Night 2
Days and Come Play have changed his image 180 degrees with his new
fifth album, Platonic, four years and ten months since his last. The
album was produced by Eun Ji Won himself and Keeproots, who he’s close
with. Keeproots is a rap teacher known for producing many albums for
artists such as Mighty Mouth, Dynamic Duo, Leessang, Rhymer, and MC
Mong. The title track is “Siren” which fits the current trends with
catchy melody; it is of the electronic hip-hop genre. The song is about
loving a friend’s lover and therefore worrying about it. Remixes of hit
singles “Dangerous” and “Adios” are also included in the album.

Brian Vol. 2 – Manifold (December 10)

01 Dreaming
02 My Girl (feat. Supreme Team)
03 One Step
04 Erase
05 Tell Me Baby (feat. Day Day of Dalmatian)
06 Lock Me Up
07 Bullet
08 Move It
09 Loved My Friend’s Girl (feat. Tablo and Mithra Jin)
10 Tears Run Dry
11 Do It (Move It ENGLISH Version)
12 Tears Run Dry (English Version)
13 Bullet (English Version)

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who had debuted in duo group, Fly to the Sky in 1999 has released his
sophomore solo album three years since his first solo. Brian himself
took much part in seeing the development of this album, making it in
some ways, his “first” solo album. Many talented singers have taken
part in this album including Supreme Team, Dalmatian, and Tablo and
Mithra Jin of Epik High.

2PM (single) – My Color (released)

01 My Color

top composer, Park Jin Young composed and penned the lyrics to “My
Color” which is sung by 2PM who had just recently made a comeback with
their first album. The song has funky rhythms and is about having one’s
own color and individuality. This song shows yet a different style of

4minute (single) – Jingle Jingle (released)

01 Jingle Jingle (feat. Mario, Amen)
02 Jingle Jingle (INST)

continues this winter season’s super “Winter Line” Christmas album as
the second artist to contribute, following Mighty Mouth and Navi’s
“Christmas Alone.” 4minute has gained much love and popularity this
year with hits such as Hot Issue, Muzik, and What a Girl Wants and now
continues with a new single titled, Jingle Jingle. Han Sang Won
composed this song about a person missing spending Christmas with a
loved one. This hip-hop dance number is expected to gain much
popularity this winter season.

Other releases:

Kim Jong Wook (single) – Goodbye For Now (released)
Evan (single) – Fool, Yoo Ho Suk (released)
Norazo (single) – 야심작 (released)
Yoo Bum Sang – The Way To Happiness (December 7)
안녕바다 – Boys’ Universe (December 8)
Hwang Bo Ryung Vol. 3 – Shines In The Dark (December 8)
The Sophist – Wheel Of Fortune (December 8)
Delight Vol. 1 – Hedgehog’s Dilemma (December 8)
Double Trouble – Trouble Makers (December 9)
Flap Vol. 1 – Walking On My Avenue (December 9)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
credits to motoway065 for translations