Album Review: Swallow Vol. 3 - It

Swallow Vol. 3 – It

01. Show

02. 두 사람

03. It

04. 자이언트

05. 눈온다

06. Hey You

07. 하루

08. 나는 고요하다

09. 비늘


It has been a while that I have heard some good indie/underground music. The first song titled “Show” starts off with a few verses of extravagant rhythms and moves onto the song itself which I found to be quite indescribable. The female vocals along that were singing in the background along with the male vocals were truly a great blend. The second track didn’t disappoint either. With more similar instrumental sounds, the song turned out to sound just as great.
    There was something about the songs and the vocalist that ties you into the music. It is like a creepily good feel but at the same time, it’s hard to describe how you would feel when you are listening to the songs. The songs are mellow and laid-back, making your mind fog up with the music. It was truly a delight to listen to a relaxing album.

Rating: 4.5/5

5/5 – Even if you’re not a fan of this artist/group this album is a must buy.
4/5 – If you’re a fan of this artist/group, you must buy this album.
3/5 – If you’re a fan of this artist/group, you might want to add this one to your collection.
2/5 – I don’t think a fan would even buy this.
1/5 – You might as well just flush your money down the toilet.

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