New Male Group To Start Off The New Year!


It’s true that it had been generally a “bad” year for the male idols this year. But worry no more! A new male group known as ‘F.Cuz’ will be making their epic landing in the industry starting off the 2010 year with male group power!

‘F.Cuz’ (pronounced Focuz) will be soon making
their debut in to the entertainment industry. The “F” in the group name
is short for “Four” which in the number of members in the group and the
“cuz” part is short for the word used to support a position, “because.”
The name also pronounced as focus, to declare that they will become the
focus of the singing industry. This group started gaining more interest
as the netizens found out that Seol WoonDo’s (famous trot singer) son was of the the members.

Seol WoonDo’s son, Lee SeungHyun
had been already very popular from shows that he had been on with his
father and even then, many netizens and viewers encouraged him to be a
singer and enter the entertainment industry with his beautiful face.
However, for this group, he will be taking the stage name LEEU and will be in charge of the lead vocals. Other member in the group include JINON, KAN, and YEJUN. Along with the jacket photo for LEEU being introduced along with the group information, many netizens turn their interests towards this new group.

LEEU’s jacket photo

More photos of him

F.cuz sample 포커즈 (LEEU) D-32