New Albums And Singles Preview – 2009 December Week 2

Namolla Family (mini-album) – Break Down (December 15)

01 Break Down
02 Don’t Forgive Me (Feat. Park Bo Ram)
03 Like A Child (Feat. Kang Min Hee)
04 I’m So Sorry
05 Don’t Love(Feat. Big Queens)

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Family returns with a mini album consisting of 5 new tracks. The title
song, ‘Break Down’ combines the sounds of R&B and trendy Euro-pop.
‘Break Down’ and ‘Like A Child’ were composed by J&S. The members
of the group did their best to do this album on their own. Though they
started as comedians they want to spend a lot of time an effort on
being musicians.

Zi-A (single) – Have A Drink (released)

01 Have A Drink

new single is a gift to her fans, returning the love that they had sent
her while she was having a hard time after her car accident.’Have A
Drink’ is about a woman who is suffering after a break up with a loved
one. This ballad can be added onto her list of hit songs which brings
her emotional and maturity up another level. Actress Nam Sang Mi
starred in this song’s MV.

Seo In Young (single) – Can’t I Love: Iris OST Part.6 (released)

01 Can’t I Love

In Young participates in hit drama Iris’s OST. Known for being a solo
dance artist rather than a ballad singer, Seo In Young shows off her
smooth and husky voice. The song is about the pain between a man and a
woman’s love that can’t happen. The sad lyrics are written by Kang Eun
Kyung and was composed by Jo Young Soo.

Other releases:

Mir – Drama (released)
Dopesun & Logicx – The Chameleon (released)
G-Slow Vol. 1 – High Frequency (released)
Kim Chul Yeon Vol. 1 – Funky Funky (released)
Urban Zakapa (mini-album) – Sweety You (released)
Junggigo (single) – Nowarnocry (released)
Untouchable with Hwa Young (single) – Merry Christmas (released)
Kim Hyung Joong (single) – Holiday (released)
Na Yoon Kwon (single) – Let It Snow (released)
Galaxy Express – Come On & Get Up (December 14)
Lonely Hearts Club – Lonely Hearts Club (December 15)
Y-Story – 귓속말 (December 16)
Fatdoo – 신인 적은 운명의 일기장 (December 16)
Peppertones Vol. 3 – Sound Good (December 17)
St. Diary – Travel With… (December 17)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
credits to suejinners for translations