Artist Of The Week – U-KISS

Member : Eli (real name: Kim Kyung-jae)
Date of birth : Mar. 13, 1991
Height : 180cm
Weight : 60kg

Member : Kevin (real name: Woo Sung-hyun)
Date of birth : Nov. 25, 1991
Height : 177cm
Weight : 60kg

Member : Ki-beom (real name: Kim Ki-beom)
Date of birth: Dec. 29, 1990
Height: 180cm
Weight: 63kg

Member : Dong-ho (real name: Shin Dong-ho)
Date of birth : Jun. 29, 1994
Height : 175cm
Weight : 65kg

Member : Su-hyun (real name: Shin Su-hyun)
Date of birth : Mar. 11, 1989
Height : 181cm
Weight : 67kg

Member : Alexander (real name: Alexander Lee Eusebio)
Height : 181cm
Weight : 63kg
Hobbies : Watching movies, listening to music, taking photos
Talents : English, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, rap

Member : Ki Seob (real name: Lee Ki Seob)
Date of birth : Jan. 17, 1991
Height : 180cm
Weight : 60kg

For this week, our Soompi featured artist is U-Kiss. This all-male member group consists of seven young musicians from different nationalities. They started out as a six member group during their debut in 2008. U-Kiss is the first idol group to introduce the so-called dirty south style hip hop music music style to Korea for their first single “I’m Not Young”.

Recently they added new seventh member,Lee Ki Sub, and are going strong. They just released their third mini album “CONTI UKISS” this autumn. The title song “Am I That Easy Going?” is a powerful hip-hop dance tune written by Brave Brothers who is also responsible for the group’s previous singles. This song become U-Kiss’s first ever top 5 song, showing everybody their growing popularity and that they are definitely a group on the rise.

U-Kiss is also trying to increase their international fan base by promoting in other Asian countries.

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* New Generation (1st single, 2008-09-03) : I’m Not Young, Give It To Me, etc.

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* Bring It Back2 Old School (2nd Single, 2009-02-03)

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* Conti Ukiss (3rd single, 2009-11-06)


만만하니 / Am I That Easy Going? [Teaser] [Music Video] [Performance]

[U-kiss Fan Club!]

Source from : KBS World + YahooKR/Daum + Yesasia/Youtube/Yesasia
Thanks to : edward1849

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