Hyori’s 4th Album Expected Release For Late Jan.


Sexy queen Lee Hyori will spend her year-end in the
recording studio. She will not be appearing on various year-end
programs and will be focusing on preparing for her 4th album.

According to Mnet.com, “All this while, she has been doing various
activities like CF filming that she cannot focus on her album works as
much. This year-end she will not be appearing on any shows, other than
‘Family Outing’. And she will be working on her new album.”

Hyori previously released her 3rd album “It’s Hyorish” in July 2008, and her 4th album was set to release October this year but it was pushed back till next year.

A company representative has said, “Because Hyori puts in effort to
make every song, the album was late in delivery. Currently, the album
is about 80% completed. But the remaining 20%, which is the most
important part like title songs and others, will need more attention.”

The new album is set to drop either late Janauary or early February next year.

The representative said, “When we have decided with the title song,
we need to prepare the costumes, choreography and concept, there is
still much work to cover. And such will need around 1 month, so if fast
enough, we will see Hyori’s album released at the end of January.”

Showcasing a different concept and choreography for every album
release, much anticipation is in for Lee Hyori’s longawaited new album.


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