New albums and singles preview – 2009 December week 3

IRIS (KBS Drama) OST (December 22)

01. Dream A Dream (Kim Tae Woo)
02. Don’t Forget (Baek Ji Young)
03. Can’t I Love? (Seo In Young)
04. Hallelujah (Big Bang)
05. Love Of Iris (Shin Seung Hoon)
06. Love Is So… (December)
07. How To Hold Back Tears (Lee Jung Hyun)
08. It Was Good Because It Was You (Ji Hoon)
09. Empty (Juni)
10. Can’t You Come Back? (December)

01. Iris Main Title
02. Mission Of Destiny
03. Assassination
04. Fight Factory
05. Destiny Love
06. Pretty Love
07. Sad Love
08. Sad Love – Guitar Version
09. Chase 140
10. Chase 150
11. Tension 80-2
12. Hard Day
13. Midnight Run
14. Bullets
15. No Way Out

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-Korea’s action-packed blockbuster drama “IRIS” releases a special OST album!

Korea’s first spy-action drama, “IRIS” has received very positive
responses as well as high TV ratings during its run. The OST album has
also been very popular both online and offline. On December 22nd, a new
and upgraded 2-disc special OST album will be released, which will
include all ten theme tracks sung by various artistes as well as 15
instrumental tracks. Two of the best music directors, Lee Dong Joon
(Swiri; Taegukil:The Brotherhood Of War; Lump Sugar) and Choi Sung Kwon
(Sad Sonata; A Love To Kill) has contributed to make this a high
quality album. It will also include a photo album, showing a collection
of best scenes from the drama.

Jewelry – End And.. (Repackage) (released)

01. Bounce
02. Love Story
03. Vari2ty
04. Butterfly
05. Strong Girl
06. Oops
07. Fantastic 4
08. Sweet Boy
09. Be Rocker
10. Rally
11. Vari2ty (Inst.)
12. Rally (Inst.)

-Was Jewelry yesterday, is Jewelry today, and will be Jewelry tomorrow

-Jewelry’s [End And..] repackage album release!

has returned with their 6th repackage album [End And..]. This repackage
album includes all the tracks off of their 6th album and a new
medium-tempo ballad track “Love Story”. The song is about a love story
between a man and a woman in which they go through different stages in
their relationship. The lyrics express the different emotions very well
and the melody fits perfectly with the winter atmosphere. Unlike
Jewelry’s dance songs, “Love Story” showcases the members’ strong vocal
and rap skills. Different from their 6th album jacket pictures, this
repackage album jacket has all four members wearing black and white
dresses, showing a more refined beauty to them. This will be the last
album for members Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young as they are leaving the
group to become solo singers. Jewelry will still continue on with
members Kim Eung Jung, Ha Joo Yeon, and new members that’ll replace
Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young.

Kim Tae Woo (single) – Love Snow (released)

01. Love Snow (Feat. Droplet, Slime)

a successful comeback earlier in September with the hit song “Love
Rain”, Kim Tae Woo is back with a special digital single project “Love
Snow”. To show thanks to the many fans that love listening to his
songs, Kim Tae Woo re-arranged his song “Love Rain” to fit with the
Christmas atmosphere, re-naming the song to “Love Snow”. We will be
able to hear a new melody to the song as well as a rap portion.
Different from the pop/rock feel that we heard from “Love Rain”, “Love
Snow” has more of an orchestration and electric piano sound to it.
There are also carol tunes in between the chorus and bridge sections of
the song. About 50 of producer Kim Hyun Suk’s trainees gathered
together for the harmony and two new artistes, Droplet and Slime were
featured in the song. This single project was specially created to
spend the remaining time with his fans before the year 2009 comes to an

SG Wannabe & VOS (single) – I Love You (released)

01. I Love You

-Members from two of Korea’s best and outstanding vocal groups have come together!

Wannabe’s Kim Young Joon, Lee Seok Hoon and VOS’s Choi Hyun Joon and
Kim Kyung Rok have come together to sing a love song. These two groups
are well known for their powerful vocal skills. It’s the very first
time for the two groups to sing a song together. The song “I Love You”
was composed by Jo Young Soo and written by Kang Eun Kyung. This song
is expected to be the best proposal song for couples and a wonderful
wedding song to sing to brides. Currently, girl groups and dance songs
are taking Korea by storm. Will these two groups be strong enough to
steal the hearts of people with their outstanding vocal skills?

Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls) & Jo Kwon (2AM) (single) – We Fell In Love (released)

01. We Fell In Love
02. We Fell In Love (Inst.)

-Brown Eyed Girls Leader Jea’s lovable gift [We Fell In Love]

Fell In Love” is a special song that Brown Eyed Girls leader and main
vocalist Jea composed to congratulate her group member Ga-In’s make
believe marriage. Jea is known to have consistently composed several
songs for Brown Eyed Girls albums. This time, Jea has composed a song
for Ga-In who is currently appearing in a make-believe marriage show
program “We Are Married Season 2”. It is a nice duet song that has an
(8 beat) new wave sound that was popular during the 1980s. Composer Lee
Min Soo (Love; Abracadabra) and lyricist Kim In Na have contributed in
creating the song as well. Ga In and Jo Kwon also contributed to the
lyrics by telling honest stories of their make-believe marriage life.
Through this couple/duet song, we will be able to listen to their
wonderful harmony and outstanding vocal skills.

Hwayobi & Go Yoo Jin (Flower) (single) – Ghost (released)

01. Ghost
02. Ghost (Inst.)

-The world’s most wonderful break-up song “Ghost”.

is a wonderful break-up song that was influenced by the American movie
“Ghost” that starred Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. Well known for
their vocal abilities, Flower’s Go Yoo Jin and Hwayobi have come
together to sing a sad song composed by Park Geun Tae. Before the
actual song was released, the song already gained popularity through
its music video that was directed by Hwang Soo Ah (Brown Eyed Girls
“Abracadabra”). This is the first song that was created for Black
Label’s first project album.

Other releases:

Seo Ji Young (single) – Christmas Present (released)
Song Ji Eun (Secret) (single) – 어젠 (released)
Yeono – Neurosis (December 21)
Ji Seo Ryun (mini-album) – 눈물에 피는 꽃 (December 21)
Heo Jin Ho Vol. 1 – Mystic Valley (December 21)
Kim Hyung Chan Vol. 1 – Music News 2009 (December 22)
Guyz (mini-album) – Wayfarer (December 23)
Seo Taiji – Great 2008…symphony (December 24)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
translations credit to: purpletiger86

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