Artist of the week – MC Sniper

Name : Kim Jeong Yoo
Date of birth : Feb. 8, 1978
Blood type: Type B
Debut : 1st album 2002
Have operated a hip hop club called “South Side” since Dec. 2005
Label : Sniper Sound

For this week, Soompi has MC Sniper as the featured artist for the week. MC Sniper is so named because he wants to shoot strong messages to his listeners. He has led the Korean hip hop industry with his charisma demonstrated through powerful rap and dynamic stage manner. Because most of his songs are characterized by messages against social injustice and hypocritical mainstream society, they have been ruled inappropriate for airing on major broadcasting stations.

However, he has won respect and admiration from a number of musicians for his firm belief in justice and compassion. The lyrics in his third album “Be in Deep Grief” were so beautiful that he was dubbed the “Bard of Hip Hop.” He can be spotted on stages near Hongdae that famous for its indie music scene. He also have participated in few OST movie and working with other artists too.

In 2004, he founded a company called Sniper Sound that house among others Outsider, MC BK, BaeChiGi, L.E.O and Mr. Room9. Today, Sniper Sound has become a unique brand of Korean hip-hop.

This year he released his fifth album that revolves around the concept of love. It is about love between partners, love for friends, love and longing, love and expectations, as well as changes of the heart. He has called his new work Museum as the songs all exhibit different kinds of love. He produced all the tracks himself with powerful orchestra melodies and lyrics. He has also invited others artists to collaborate, such as Tae Won, Outsider, Saet Byul. Besides promoting his own songs, MC Sniper has helped Outsider to crossover to mainstream popularity this year.

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* So Sniper… (1st album, 2002-05-16) : Jamaican Boy, BK Love, 1MC & 1DJ, Old School, On the Ground, New York Style, Ma Baby, Jim Morrison, Road to Heaven, etc.

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* First Journey (2nd album, 2003-05) : Could Be Luv, Frog Boy, Ying and Yang, Korean, Baby Don’t Cry, Ronin, Clean U Up, Light It Up, To Jamaica, Dj R2, etc.

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* Be In Deep Grief (3rd album, 2004-03-18) : Grief, Gloomy Sunday, God’s Poem, Swing, Four M.I.C., Seoul Station, Conversation, Scarface, I Say, The Song of Moonlight, Skill N Message, etc.

* How Bad Do U Want It? (4th album, 2007-03-05) : Run & Run, A Piece of Kimchi, Our House, Peanut, Smile Again, Where Am I, Sniper Sound, Girls, Better Than Yesterday, How Bad Do You Want It, etc.

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* Museum (5th album, 2009-11-17) : Magic Flow (Intro) Play, Magic Castle, Farewell Forest, Kangnam NB, Putting Down, Historic (In KangReung), In Busan (feat. Tae Wan), Nine Code (feat. Lucifer), I Didn’t Know Love Could Change So Easily, Wind, I Wander, Life Records (feat. MC BK & Mr.Room9), Scent of the Chrysanthemum, 4 You (Acoustic Version)

마법의 성 (Magic Castle) [Music Video] [Performance]

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Source from : KBS World + YesAsia/Youtube + Melon/YahooKR
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