Female Idols Listed In Age Order


2009 was a year of female idol groups/singers in K-Pop circle.

Ever wonder how it would look like to have all the girl group idol
members listed in order of their age – from the oldest to the youngest?

Korean netizens put all 61 members from Brown Eyed Girls,
Jewelry, So Nyeo Shi Dae, After School, KARA, 2NE1, Cheon Sang JiHee,
Davichi, 4Minute, T-ara, f(x), WonderGirls, IU
and YounHa

PS: Correction – Brown Eyed Girls Narsha is born in the year of 1981 not 1983.

Big unnie goes to After School GaHee and youngest goes to f(x) Krystal! Fun fact of Kpop for you!
Thanks to miyachan11 for the headsup!

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