2009 SBS Gayo DaeJun

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There has been much hype about the year-end specials music festivals put up by the three major broadcast companies in Korea. And the first to start it off is SBS with 2009 Gayo DaeJun.

2009 SBS Gayo DaeJun took place in IlSan Kintex, and was broadcasted live at 9.55PM.

Date: 29th December 2009, 9:55 PM KST
MC: Kim HeeChul, Park ShinHye, Jung YongHwa
Theme: Wonder World
Performing artists: 2AM, 2NE1, 2PM, 4Minute, After School, BEAST, Brown Eyed Girls, Davichi, f(x), GDragon, KARA, Kim Tae Woo, Lee Seung Gi, MBLAQ, Park Jin Young, SHINee, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Son DamBi, Super Junior, T-Ara, TaeYang

All performance vids found here: 2009 SBS Gayo DaeJun

Part 1

Chapter 1: Change
4Minute – ‘Hot issue’ + ‘Muzik ‘(Remix) + dance performance of ‘Hollaback Girl’
T-ara – ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’
f(x) – ‘Chu ~ ♡’ + Little magic show with Super Junior members
MBLAQ VS BEAST dance battle
BEAST – ‘Mystery’
MBLAQ – ‘Oh Yeah’
MC interview with TaeYang, 2PM and Super Junior
Davichi and 2AM joint stage ‘This Song’, Friend’s Confession’ and ‘8282′
2009 Girls’ Hot Dance – f(x) and KARA performing ‘Ring Ding Dong’
CL with ‘Heartbreaker’
2009 Girls’ Hot Dance – SNSD and f(x) performing ‘Sorry Sorry’
2009 Girls’ Hot Dance – KARA, 4Minute and After School performing ‘Heartbeat’

Chapter 2: Romance
2PM – ‘5 Step’ by Dru Hill
SHINee – ‘Juliette’ remix + ‘Ring Ding Dong’

Chapter 3: Surprise
2NE1 – ‘Fire’ in uniform
Park Bom – ‘You & I’ with TaeYang
CL and GDragon – ‘The Leaders’
2NE1 + GDragon + TaeYang – ‘Let’s Go Party’
2PM ‘You’re Beautiful’ drama parody

Chapter 4: Legend
Michael Jackson tribute: 2PM dancing ‘Thriller’
Michael Jackson tribute: Lee Seung Gi dancing to ‘Smooth Criminal’
Michael Jackson tribute: BEAST + MBLAQ dancing to ‘Dangerous’
Michael Jackson tribute: Super Junior dancing to ‘Billie Jean’
* Michael Jackson tribute: All star dancing to ‘Beat it’

Part 2
Chapter 5: Asian Soul
Park Jin Young with ‘No Love No More’ and ‘Don’t Leave Me’
So Nyeo Shi Dae and 2PM joint stage
Son DamBi – ‘Saturday Night’ remix ver
After School – ‘Because of You’ remix ver

Chapter 6: Surprise II
K Will – ‘For Your World’
SHINee JongHyun – ‘Gone’
2PM JunSu – ‘Bump and Grind’
Kim TaeWoo – ‘I Love you and remember’
K Will + SHINee JongHyun + 2PM JunSu + Kim TaeWoo joint stage

Chapter 7: Change II
Park ShinHye and Lee Seung Gi joint stage with ‘Will You Marry Me’ remix performance
2PM, BEAST and 2AM – ‘Sign’
Super Junior, SHINee and MBLAQ – ‘Muzik’
2PM and BEAST – ‘Mister’
Super Junior and SHINee – ‘Gee’
2PM – ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’
MC interview: So Nyeo Shi Dae, 2NE1

Chapter 8: Dream Girls
KARA – ‘Honey’, ‘Same Heart’
Brown Eyed Girls – ‘Sign’
2PM – ‘Again & Again’, ‘Tired Of Waiting’ and ‘Heartbeat’ with special ending
GDragon – ‘Heartbreaker’ and ‘Gossip Man’
TaeYang – ‘Look Only At Me’ and ‘Wedding Dress’
GDragon + TaeYang – ‘Lies’ and ‘Korean Dream’
MC Interview: Goo Hara + Onew
So Nyeo Shi Dae – ‘Gee’ and ‘Genie’
Super Junior – ‘Sorry Sorry’ and ‘It’s You’
Super Junior + SNSD – ‘Sorry Sorry’

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