Jina Choi of Disbanded Group "5Girls" to Have Debut This Summer


Jina Choi
, the only member of former girlgroup “5Girls” that has not made a debut yet, will have her debut into the entertainment circle.

It is known that Jina Choi will be releasing an album for her official debut this summer, and is currently training under Cube Entertainment, which groups BEAST and 4Minute are under.

A Cube staff said, “We are currently working on having the debut in summer.” Ahead of her debut, Choi had her showcase in Melon AX hall on the 5th.

There is much anticipation is for her debut. It was known that after
the disbandment of 5Girls, she had appeared for 2PM’s “10 points out of
10” MV.

5Girls debuted through MTV “Diary of 5Girls” in 2007. After disbanding due to their company’s financial issues, all the other
members has had their individual debut in other groups.  Yoobin joined WonderGirls,  Uee joined After School, Jeon HyoSeong in Secret, etc.

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