New Albums and Singles Preview – 2010 January Week 2

Shoo – Devote One’s Love (January 13)

01 Intro
02 Sexy Motion
03 Only for Himself
04 With me (Song for Shoo with Bada, Eugene)
05 Only for Himself INST

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member Shoo has returned with her first single album, eight years since
the breakup of the group. The title track is “Only For Himself” which
showcases the bright and cute image only Shoo can bring out. The song
is a medium tempo pop/rock number and is about falling in love with
one’s boyfriend and the shyness and anticipation one feels around him.
Another song is “Sexy Motion” which was co-composed by Outsidaz who
produced M (Lee Minwoo)’s “Masquerade Club Remix” and J-Kyo. It has a
strong but simple melody which is both trendy and exciting. The last
song is “With Me” which is a pop/ballad number that shows the
friendship and love between the S.E.S members. Both Bada and Eugene are
featured in the track.

ZE:A 1st single album – Nativity (released)

01 Love Coach
02 New Star
03 Mazeltov

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year, a new 9-member boy group, ZE-A has debuted with their first
single, Nativity. The members are Moon Jun Young, Lim Si Wan, Hwang
Kwang Hee, Kevin, Kim Tae Hyun, Jung Hee Chul, Ha Minwoo, Park Hyung
Shik, and Kim Dong Joon and they each show their respective charms. The
members have gone through various auditions and have also took part in
the 50th episode of Winka Concert and various commercials already,
gaining fans already from the start. Leader, Moon Jun Young in
particular has gained much interest through the internet due to his
good looks. Others have taken part in music videos as have modeled for
various advertisements. The title track is “Mazeltov” which is defined
as “good fortune” in Hebrew. The song will catch listeners ears with
the repetitive line, “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
Saturday, Sunday” as well as its melody.

CNBLUE (mini-album) – Blue Story (January 14)

01 Loner
02 Love Revolution
03 Y, Why…
04 Now or Never
05 I Will Do It…I Will Forget You

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who had first debuted in Japan as an Indie artist has come to Korea
with their first mini album, Loner. CNBLUE has done over 100
performances on the streets as well as clubs and has 2 singles worth of
songs. There are a total of five songs in this album, which includes a
title track and four songs previously released in Japan. The title
track is “Loner” which was composed by Kim Do Hoon and Lee Sang Ho. It
has addictive beats and a strong melody. One can say that this is a
song only CNBLUE can express. The second song is “Love Revolution”
which has a bright and refreshing guitar rift along with clean rap and
melody. “Y…Why…” on the other hand is a ballad composed and penned by
Jung Yong Hwa. “Now or Never” is their first single released in Japan
and one can hear the Korean version here. The last song is “I Will Do
It..I Will Forget You” which was CNBLUE’s second single in Japan with
the title of “Teardrops in the Rain.” The song has twin vocals by
members Lee Jong Hyun and Jung Yong Hwa with acoustic guitar
accompaniment. The song is about missing a lover one has broken up with.

See Ya, Davichi, T-Ara (single) – Wonder Woman (released)

01 Wonder Woman

Davichi, and T-Ara had released a project single, “Women Generation”
this past May and received much popularity. The group has returned with
their second single this year with “Wonder Woman.” There has been an
addition of three more members of this project group to include Seeya
members, Kim Yeon Ji, Lee Boram, and Sumi, Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung and
Lee Haeri, and T-ara members, Hyo Min and Eun Jung, making it a total
of seven members. Together the girls are to showcase powerful harmony.
“Wonder Woman,” like “Women Generation,” is a bokgo dance number with a
catchy melody. The song is about girls’ friendship and loyalty.

Hyun Ah (single) – Change (released)

01 Change (feat. Yong Jun Hyun From Beast)

Hyuna has debuted this year as a solo artist with the song, “Change,” a
trendy number composed by Shin Sa Dong Tiger; it has 80s glam hip-hop
sounds. Featured in the song is BEAST member, Yong Jun Hyung. The song
has powerful beats and one can see an upgrade of 4Minute’s songs. Hyuna
is to show her charismatic performance and style through this track.

F.Cuz (single) – Jiggy (released)

01 Jiggy

group, F.Cuz has made a debut this year with their first single,
“Jiggy” after preparing for two years. The group consists of leader and
rapper, JINON, main vocal, LEEU, rap and vocal, KAN, and lead vocal,
YEJUN. There are four members in the group, so this is where the F
(four) of F.Cuz came from. Cuz is the abbreviation of the word cause to
show that because of the four members, the group is able to focus in
music. The song title, “Jiggy” is derived from the phrase. “Get Jiggy”
which is to dance like there is no other. It was composed by hit
compose Han Sang Won who also wrote songs for IU (Boo), and Bada (Mad).
It has Miami styles and rock sounds.

Other releases:

Miso Diary – Miso Diary (released)
Jinbo Vol. 1 – Afterwork (released)
Kim Woo Joo (single) – I Love You (released)
Tin Tin Five – 다섯 남자의 다섯 번째 이야기 (January 13)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
translation credits to: motoway065

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