Jaebum Gets Another Trending Topic on Twitter

2PM leader member Park Jaebum gets the trending topic talks started once more! Here’s an article by The Independent:

On January 8, Twitter users are tweeting about the things they think are tacky.

“Wearing socks with heels”, “wearing ugg boots with a dress”, and
“coupons at a fine dining joint” are all things people on Twitter think
are tacky. The term “#NowPlaying” has dropped one position to the
second spot on Twitter’s list of trending topics while the “#omgfacts”
meme jumped up three places.

The performing name of South Korean boy band singer Jaebum, formally of 2PM fame, is back in Twitter’s list of trending topics on January 8.

People on the microblogging site are posting tweets about the
singer, hoping that their tweets will encourage
him to return to 2PM.

“It has been four months, Jaebum oppa,” wrote one microblogger, “I
don’t wanna ask when will you come back, but please do come back one
day, ok? We’ll be waiting.”

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on January 8 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #tacky (new)
2. #NowPlaying (-1)
3. Jaebum (new)
4. #omgfacts (+3)
5. Follow Friday (new)
6. Shorty Award (unchanged)
7. Nexus One (-2)
8. Goodnight (new)
9. Avatar (new)
10. CES 2010 (new)

And as for January 9th, #weloveshindong also gets trending topic for Super Junior Shindong! He is really active in updating his Twitter account!

Article: K Bites

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