ZE:A, “The male Girls’ Generation? We dream to be Boys’ Generation”

The countdown for upcoming group ZE:A’s debut starts!

The group consists of 9 members – leader Moon JoonYeong, Kevin, Hwang GwangChul, Im ShiWan, Kim TaeHun, Jung HeeChul, Ha MinWoo, Park HyungShik, Kim Dong Joon etc.

Their debut song is “Mazeltov” and it is revealed that the members,
“had spent the past 3 years in training for their debut”. While for
leader Moon JoonYeong, he had actually been training for 5 years before his debut.

Leader JoonYeong revealed, “There were times when
we feel uneasy about the future we cannot see. Perhaps it was because
we are young. But this is the choice we made and we bear with it and
thus far we have came.”

The group is under the company Star Empire Entertainment which other groups like Jewelry and V.O.S are under.

This will be the first idol group under Star Empire Entertainment.
Moon JoonYeong and Hwang GwangHee had first met each other in a
contest. The 2 had gone for the audition sessions by other companies,
while JoonYeong had stayed on, GwangHee had gone off to look somewhere
else. In the end, the 2 had entered Star Empire in 2006.

Member Kim TaeHun who is in charge of rapping had met JoonYeong and
GwangHee through a friend’s introduction and joined the group; while
Kevin used to be from the same company as actor Russell Crowe in

Member Ha MinWoo used to be the leader of a famous dance team in
Busan, while members Kim DongJoon and Im ShiWan used to be on the show
‘Chin Chin Gayo Jae’.

As for being called the ‘male So Nyeo Shi Dae’, Hwang GwangHee said,
“Really thankful. Actually I’m close to SNSD HyoYeon. HyoYeon had told
me ‘There is no other 9-member group other than us, it is good that you
guys came along’ and ‘We didn’t know that there will be another
9-member group’.”

GwangHee said, “It is an honour. An honour to be mentioned with So
Nyeo Shi Dae. We were also told that we can do as well as So Nyeo Shi

Member Im ShiWan said, “Some fans have given us the nickname of ‘So
Nyeon Shi Dae (Boys’ Generation). With that, instead of boy’s
generation, we hope to have our own generation.”

Because of the large number of members in the group, they have also
experienced many small and big episodes. Just going into a convenience
store, they can buy things up to 100,000 KRW.  The group said, “There
were even once when we lost one member on our way back to our company.
We would divide ourselves in 2 cars, and then at the rest stations, we
found that Kevin was nowhere to be found. We only know about that after
ordering 10 bowls of udon. And that was the first time we performed on
stage as 8 members.”

The group will have their showcase on January 13 and debut stage on January 15 on KBS Music Bank.

All eyes are now on the group.

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