New Albums And Singles Preview - 2010 January Week 3

Gavy NJ Vol. 4 Side B Sunflower (January 21)

01 Love Novel 2
02 Love Is Like This
03 Sunflower (feat. Sunny Side MJ)
04 Why Did We Breakup
05 Daddy Long Legs
06 Gift
07 Sunflower INST
08 Love Is Like This INST

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NJ returns with Side B of their fourth album, Sunflower this year. It
was produced by Min Myung Gi and the members all took part in penning
the lyrics to the songs. There are a total of six new songs and two
instrumentals, the title track being “Sunflower” which features Sunny
Side MJ. The song was composed by Min Myung Gi and penned by Gavy NJ
lead vocalist, Jang Hee Young, is about looking at the person one
breaks up with and is not saddened about it; instead he or she is
waiting confidently. The group has also returned to the music scene
with a new image of mystery.

Lee Seung Ki Vol. 4 – Shadow (Repackaged Version) (January 21)

01 Like a Flower
02 Wedding Veil
03 Let’s Break Up
04 Melody
05 Love Goes in Circles
06 Love Is
07 That’s How I Found Out
08 I Want You
09 Give Up
10 Long Time (feat. Amen)
11 Love Teaches You How to Drink
12 Like the First Time, Like that One Time (feat. Kang Min Kyung of Davichi)

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Lee Seung Gi, who received much love as an actor, singer, as well as a
CF star had released his 4th album last year with the title track,
“Let’s Break Up.” This year, the singer has released the repackaged
album which includes two new singles, “Like the First Time, Like that
One Time” and “Love Teaches you How to Drink.” The new title track is
“Like The First Time, Like that One Time” which was composed by top
composer Kim Do Hoon, who also composed Lee’s hit number, “Will You
Marry Me.” The song is about a man who learns about the preciousness of
his past lover. It is a bright medium tempo track which features
Davichi member, Kang Min Kyung.

2PM (single) – Tik Tok (released)

01 Tik Tok

top group, 2PM who had a triple mega hit last year with
“Again&Again,” “I Hate You,” and “Heartbeat” has returned this year
with a new single, “TicToc.” It was composed by Tommy Park and penned
by Kim Eun Soo. The single starts with the ticking of a clock,
furthering bringing in the mood for the song. The song is about a
secret love story that others should not know. It’s also about wanting
to reveal the relationship to the public.

Kara (single) – Pick the Stars For Me (released)

01 Pick the Stars For Me

has participated in the soundtrack following Monday Kiz’s Lee Jin Sung,
for the “Pick the Stars For Me” drama series by singing the hope theme
song of the same title. The song which shows love and hope is for the
protagonist Jin Bbil Gang who spends her days taking care of her
younger siblings.

IU & Na Yoon Kwon (single) – It’s My First Love (released)

01 It’s My First Love
02 It’s My First Love INST

Power FM’s “Sweet Musicbox” has finally completed their winter song and
IU and Na Yoon Kwon has been chosen to sing the song. This song will be
a part of the Sweet Musicbox project album which takes the lyrics
written by listeners and produce them into songs. This song is perfect
for the winter season especially for those who have just fallen in
love. The soft vocals of Na Yoon Kwon and the bright vocals of IU flow
well in this duet number.

Andy (single) – One Love (Words I Learned From You…) (released)

01 One Love (Words I Learned From You…)
02 One Love (Words I Learned From You…) INST

Andy who gained much love from many people for his solo activities has
released one more single before going to the army. The song, “One Love”
is a surprise thank you gift for fans who have followed him along this
long. It has sweet melody rap along with vocal featuring from fellow
Shinhwa member, Kim Dong Wan.

Other releases:

Kim Jong Kook (single) – Don’t Be Good To Me (released)
Rumble Fish (single) – 남잔 다 그래 (released)
The Film Vol. 3 – Episode 1: 두근두근 (released)
Cho Hye Ryun Vol. 2 – Won’t Be Long (January 18)
Four Men (Special Album) – The 3rd Generation (January 18)
Lee Ji An (mini-album) – Singing The Wind (January 19)
Daybreak (mini-album) – New Day (January 19)
Joo Hyung Jin Vol. 2 – Sweet Auterism (January 19)
Apollo 18 – 리이슈 버전 (January 20)
Nubim Vol. 2 – Between Silence And Light (January 20)
Mate – With Mate (January 21)
Minos In Nuol – Humanoid/Hypnotica (January 21)
Taesabiae Vol. 1 – 내 사람입니다 (January 22)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver

translations credit to motoway065

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