JYP: “Reports about press conference on the 24th not true”

Talks about the comeback of 2PM resigned member Jaebum, who is currently in Seattle in America, sparked off once again.

There have been talks that JYP will be revealing the future plans for Jaebum from officials in the music industry.

JYP Entertainment released an official statement on January 21st, saying “The news report that we are going to hold a press
conference on Jan 24 talking about our official stage on Jaebum’s
case is not true.”

There have been reports from the music industry official that
Jaebum’s return to 2PM will not be a difficult one, while there are
others who report that fans will not be seeing Jaebum returning to the

Speculations to Jaebum’s comeback started off when reports were
released recently that a proposal was received for Jaebum to appear in the Hollywood movie “Hype Nation.”

Meanwhile, 2PM has recently ended their 6-member promotions for their 1st official album.


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