New albums and singles preview – 2010 January week 4

SNSD Vol. 2 – Oh! (January 28)

01 Oh!
02 Show! Show! Show!
03 Sweet Talking Baby
04 Forever
05 Be Happy
06 Boys & Girls – feat. Key of SHINee
07 Talk to Me
08 Stars Stars Stars
09 Stick Wit U
10 Day By Day
11 Gee
12 Genie

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Group, SNSD is to release their sophomore album, Oh! at the end of this
month. The girls rose up to fame with their songs, “Gee” and “Genie” in
addition to countless number of CFs. It is expected that SNSD will
strike the music scene with a new syndrome. The title track is “Oh”
which was composed by hit composed Kenzie. It is of the electronic pop
genre and is about confessing to a crush in a cute and honest way.
There are a total of twelve tracks in this album, composed by Korea’s
top producers.

Kim Jong Kook Vol. 6 – Eleventh Story (January 28)

01 It’s This Person
02 I’m Waiting
03 Can’t Forget
04 Don’t Do Me Well
05 Goodbye
06 My Heart is Love
07 I’ll Forget, I’ll Erase
08 You Know Everything
09 Help Wanted Ad
10 Don’t Leave
11 Happiness Disease

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Jong Kook who has released hits after hits such as “One Man,” “Walking
in Place,” “Lovable,” and “More Today Than Yesterday” is to release his
sixth studio album, Eleventh Story this month. The title comes from the
eleven albums he has released in total since his Turbo days. There are
a total of eleven tracks which all showcases his sweet vocals. The
title track is “Don’t Do Me Well” which is a ballad about the waiting
and fearing of love. The sad melody flows well with the piano
arrangements and Kim Jong Kook’s vocals.

2AM mini-album – Can’t Send You Even If I Die (January 27)

01 Intro
02 Can’t Send You Even If I Die
03 Sorry I Can’t Smile For You
04 I Love You (feat. Baek Chan, Joo Hee of 8eight)
05 To Her (feat. Chang Sung of 2PM)
06 Smiling (Outro)

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comes back this year with their third mini album, Can’t Send You Even
If I Die which was produced by hit composer, Bang Shi Hyuk, gaining
much interest from netizens. Through this new album, 2AM will be able
to show hybrid genres with trendy sounds and danceable beats, a 200%
upgrade from their last. To fit the global trends in music, electronica
sounds can also be heard. Through this album, we are able to see that
2AM are also capable of dance numbers.

Trax mini-album Vol. 1 – Cold Hearted Man (January 25)

01 Cold Hearted Man (Let You Go)
02 One Night
03 Goodbye Lover
04 I Can Change
05 Healing
06 Don’t Go

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band TRAX is to release their first mini album, Cold Hearted Man at the
end of this month. The band has been busy recently with activities such
as working on a project band, “Trax + Air” and taking part in the
“Swallow the Sun” SBS drama soundtrack. This new album is their first
release since their first album released in 2006. The title track is
“Cold Hearted Man’ and is perfect for anyone who has gone through a
breakup. The sad melody and lyrics are prominent in the song. The song
was composed and arranged by member, Jung Mo and the lyrics were penned
by Jay.

Other releases:

What! Vol. 3 – 3 (released)
Na Yoon Kwon – 멍청이 (released)
Jun Ha – Voice Of Love (released)
Lyn & Yoo Hee Yeol (single) – Director’s Cut (released)
Kim Dong Hee (single) – Episode (released)
House Rulez (single) – Winter 2010 (released)
Filmstar Vol. 1 – Pop Sounds (January 26)
Se Jung – I Say You (January 27)
Ash Vol. 1 – 사랑을 잃는 세 가지 단계 (January 28)
Park Mi Kyung Vol. 8 – 2010 Deluxe Edition (January 28)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
translations credit to motoway065