G-Dragon Talks About The Hard Times During His Younger Years

GDragon reveals the hard times during his younger years to get to the top.

In order to get closer to the American hip-hop group the Wu-Tang Clan, GDragon had to learn. He decided to find a class for freestyle rapping and ended up getting closer to People Crew, who were also using the same space as a practice room.

“Since this young kid came in to learn rap, the Hyungs (older guys)
were interested and loved me too. I even fooled around on the cable
program that they filmed. I even got a really great chance to take
part in the ‘2001 Korean Hip-Hop Flex’ album.” The biggest news on the
street was the fact that a 13 year old kid participated in this album
that was supposed to be the album only the rappers got together to make.

“For the Hip-hop Flex album, I made up my own lyrics and recorded it,
and the Hyungs said ‘It was okay’. But, since I never lived in the
United States, my English was bad and the story behind the lyrics was
the same old thing. Something like, ‘I’m young, but I’m the best’
(laughs).” The young GDragon participated in the title song, and even made a solo song… This album was a chance to let the world know of GDragon. And of course, Yang HyunSuk, the president of YG Entertainment, didn’t let this little kid go.

“Sean was the one to first look at me and tell Yang HyunSuk about me.
Even the main producer was interested at me and told him that he would
try producing with me. When I was first going to meet him I thought,
‘I’m finally going to meet Yang HyunSuk,’ and was really nervous. I even liked him the best in SeoTaeJi and the kids.
His fashion of wearing gloves on a short sleeve t-shirt, and he was a
great dancer too. But, when I first saw him, it was all a shock. I
heard the sound of slippers dragging across the floor and he said “You
here?” in a weird tone. He didn’t seem like the Yang HyunSuk from SeoTaeJi and the kids,
but he just seemed like a uncle I knew around the town.” When
GDragon’s mother left the room, he even threatened the little kid to
make a fuss that he wants to come into YG Entertainment.

“When I got home I cried and made a fuss at my mom and I got contracted into YG. When I was 13, in YG, there was JinuSean, One Time, and Lexy.
When I first came into the office, I think Seven hyung was
dressed nicely in hip hop clothes and was playing around with the
ladies in the office. From all the people I met, he was the most
beautiful person I have met.” Then GDragon stated
with the cleaning in the practice rooms. Moping the floor, cleaning the
mirrors with newspaper, he even had to do everything the sunbaes asked

“I would watch the Sunbaes practicing and get the water, and when
the food came I would set up the food and when they were done I would
clean up. For about an year, all I did was clean.When I came into the
company I was clean first for 1 hour, practice for about 2 hours, and
lastly clean for 1 hour, and repeat again.”

The 13 year old featured in songs that got him on the cable music
programs, and he even got to perform on the concert stages. Then, he
ends up meeting the fellow Big Bang member TaeYang for the first time.

Source: Asia Kyung Jae

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