New albums And Singles Preview – 2010 January Week 5
U-Kiss Vol. 1 – Only One, Without You (February 3)

01 Intro
02 Spinning
03 Without You
04 What?
05 Bang Bang Bang
06 Dancing Floor
07 Am I That Easy? Remix
08 OK! Remix
09 I Like You Remix
10 Talk to Me Remix
11 I’m Not Young Remix
12 Give It to Me Remix
13 Spinning Remix
14 What? Remix

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idol group, U-Kiss has returned this year with their first album, Only
One, Without You. Hit maker, Brave Brothers have participated in the
album by producing it and composing songs including the title track is
“Spinning;” it is an electronic hip-hop number. The song will catch
listeners’ attentions from the start. There are a total of 14 tracks,
12 of them being composed by the Brave Brothers. Another song worth
mentioning is “Without You” which might as well been the title track.
It has strong bass and synth sounds with electronic dance beats. The
other two remaining songs were composed by producer Han Sang Won who
wrote, “Bang Bang Bang” and “Dancing Floor.”

Min Kyung Hoon (mini-album) – Goodbye (February 5)

01 It’s Love Because It Hurts
02 I Love You
03 There is No Same Breakup
04 It Has Started
05 Just…Tears Only

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already many hits including, “Thorn,” “Don’t Know Men,” and “Coward,”
Buzz’s main vocalist, Min Kyung Hoon makes a comeback after two years
with a five track mini album. The singer has taken part in selecting
these songs carefully, which were composed by Korea’s top composers, Jo
Young Soo, Kim Do Hoon, Lee Jae Hak, Hwang Sung Jeh, and An Young Min.
Because of this, the album is even more anticipated by music lovers.
The title track is “It’s Love Because It Hurts.”

Untouchable mini-album Vol. 2 (February 5)

01 I’m Runnin’
02 Don’t Leave Me (feat. Lee Hyun of 8eight)
03 Rainy Day (feat. Vasco)
04 Live in the Heart (feat. Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls)
05 Why You Why Me (feat. HwaYoung)

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duo, Untouchable has returned with their second mini album. The group
had already gained popularity with hits such as “It’s Ok,” “Tell Me
Why,” “I’ll Give My All,” and “Oh.” The songs in this album range from
bright music to emotional R&B hip-hop numbers. One song worth
mentioning is “Live In the Heart” which features Brown Eyed Girls
member, Narsha. The album was produced by the duo themselves, upgrading
it a notch.

Dae Sung (single) – Cotton Candy (released)

01 Cotton Candy

Bang’s Daesung is to release a solo single this month titled, “Cotton
Candy.” Daesung who is currently working on his first solo album with
sounds that cannot be seen with Big Bang is releasing “Cotton Candy” as
a digital single beforehand to perform it in time for the Big Bang 2010
Big Show Concert. The song is very mellow with easy melody that flows
well with Daesung’s husky yet warm vocals. The lyrics are also very
sweet as it is about melting at the sight of a loved one.

Typhoon (single) – Goodbye, Typhoon (released)

01 Fate
02 Fate INST

releases their last single as a group before Solbi leaves to
concentrate on her solo activities. The song, “Fate” was composed and
penned by Baek Min Hyuk who also wrote Typhoon’s previous hit, “Love
That Will be Missed.” It is a sad medium tempo minor ballad about not
being able to leave a loved one to the extent to death. Listeners can
hear Solbi’s emotional vocals.

Other releases:

Apollo 18 – Violet Album (released)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
translation credits to motoway065

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