Jang WooHyuk’s Comeback Begins

Jang Woohyuk, ex-member of H.O.T which was one of the biggest idol groups during the late 90s,will be coming back as a singer.

According to a representative on February 1, it was announced
that Jang Woohyuk has been invited to the “2009 Beijing Popular Music
Awards” on February 5.

The rep also added, “The ‘Beijing Popular Music Awards’ organized by
‘China Music Chart’ has never in the course of running the awards
ceremony for 16 years invited foreign singers to the ceremony, Jang
WooHyuk will be the first and he will be giving out awards and
performing for the event.” This shows the level of popularity that Jang
Woohyuk amongst the Chinese fans.

The rep continued, “After being discharged of his military duties officially on December 18 2009, Jang WooHyuk will start the
countdown to this singer comeback with the appearance for this music

S: StarNews

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