Drama "Oh My Lady" adds Park Han-byul

My interest in the upcoming trendy drama Oh My Lady dims a little with this latest news: Park Han-byul has been added to the cast along with Chae Rim and Choi Siwon. The romantic-comedy plot is about an ordinary ajumma (Chae Rim) who becomes the manager to a top star (Choi).

Park’s character Yura was Min-woo’s (Choi Siwon) first love back in
their university years. She reappears in his life after returning from
studying abroad, now a marketing director of a fashion brand, and has a
big part in making Min-woo a star by making him the fashion brand’s
model and providing him with sponsored clothing. Park was cast to
portray the character’s chic, cosmopolitan appeal.

In other news, Chae Rim’s co-star from Dal Ja’s Spring, singer-actor Lee Hyun-woo,
has also been cast. He will play the director of a musical production
company who once wanted to be an actor, who turned instead to directing
and then producing. His horrible temper emerges when performance time
approaches, but he is skilled at his job.

I’ve only seen Park Han-byul (who may be more famous as “Se7en’s girlfriend” than as an actress) in one drama, Fantasy Couple,
and really disliked her there. (Not enough sweetness to be sweet; not
enough gusto to be a fun antagonist. Just meh.) That was three years
ago and hopefully she’s improved, but despite those hopes I’m preparing
myself for some more wooden performances from her and Lee Hyun-woo. I
am looking forward to the chemistry between Chae Rim and Choi Siwon,
which will hopefully carry the drama.

The new Monday-Tuesday SBS series held its first script reading on February 5. It follows Wish Upon a Star and airs in March.

Via E Daily, OSEN

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