Weekly K-pop Music Chart 2010 - February Week 1

1. (–) CNBlue – 외톨이야 (Loner) *** 2 WEEKS NO. 1 ***
Score: 988
Genre: Rock
Music: Kim Do Hoon, Lee Sang Ho / Lyrics: Han Sung Ho, Amen
Album: CNBlue 1st mini-album “Bluetory” Track 1 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
CNBlue strengthens their hold onto No. 1 this week with their debut
song “Loner”. After their album sales score kicks in this week, they
are just 12 points below perfect score of 1000. Having debuted in Japan
as an indie artist, and also having front man Jung Yong Hwa starred in the
popular SBS drama “You Are Beautiful” last year, CNBlue is returning
home to Korea to release their first mini-album. “Loner” was composed
by Kim Do Hoon and Lee Sang Ho. It has addictive beats and a strong
melody. One can say that this is a song only CNBLUE can express.
Despite plagiarism accusation swirling around this song, it doesn’t
affect its popularity.

2. (+1) Hyun Ah (feat. Yong Joon Hyung of Beast) – Change
Score: 778
Genre: Hip-hop / Dance

Album: Hyun Ah digital single “Change” Track 1
Watch: MV Live Performance
Being the most well known member of 4minute largely due to her days
with Wonder Girls, Hyun Ah is the first 4minute member to release her
own solo song “Change”, a trendy number composed by Shin Sa Dong Tiger.
It has 80s glam hip-hop sounds. Featured in the song is BEAST member,
Yong Jun Hyung. The song has powerful beats and one can see an upgrade
of 4Minute’s songs. Hyun Ah is to show her charismatic performance and
style through this track. She proves that she is more than a rapper,
she can also sing. This week it moves up another spot to No. 2, a
really good accomplishment for a digital single.

3. (+15) 2AM – 죽어도 못 보내 (Can’t Send You Even If I Die)
Score: 722
Genre: Pop Ballad
Music + Lyrics: Bang Shi Hyuk
Album: 2AM mini-album “Can’t Send You Even If I Die” Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Despite being overshadowed by their “brother” group 2PM, 2AM is
actually having a very solid career so far. They are coming back with
their 3rd mini-album “Can’t Send You Even If I Die” produced by
hitmaker “Hitman” Bang Shi Hyuk. Through this new album, 2AM will be
able to show hybrid genres with trendy sounds and danceable beats, a
200% upgrade from their last. To fit the global trends in music,
electronica sounds can also be heard. We are able to see that 2AM are
also capable of dance numbers. The title track which is the same as the
mini-album title, is still the vintage power ballad we are known of
2PM. This week it moves up 15 spots to the top 3, becoming 2AM’s
biggest hit so far. 2AM just won their first Inky Gayo Mutizen Award
with this song as well. Congratulations.

4. (+2) See Ya, Davichi, T-Ara – 원더우먼 (Wonder Woman)
Score: 705
Genre: Pop / Dance
Music: Cho Young Soo / Lyrics: K. Smith
Album: See Ya, Davichi, T-Ara digital single “Wonder Woman” Track 1
Watch: MV Live Performance
The success of “Women’s Generation” last year prompted a sequel now.
The difference this time is that Eun Jung and Hyo Min represent T-Ara
instead of Ji Yeon, and also See Ya’ s new member Soo Mi also
participates, making it a total of seven members. Together the girls
are to showcase powerful harmony. “Wonder Woman,” like “Women
Generation,” is a bokgo dance number with a catchy and slight trot
melody. The song is about girls’ friendship and loyalty. This week it
is moving up another two spots to No. 4.

5. (–) Ga In & Jo Kwon – 우리 사랑하게 됐어요 (We Fell In Love)
Score: 567
Genre: Pop Ballad
Music: Lee Min Soo, Je-A / Lyrics: Kim Ina, Ga In, Jo Kwon
Album: Ga In & Jo Kwon digital single “We Fell In Love” Track 1
Watch: MV Live Performance
The first top 5 hit coming from the reality TV Show “We Got Married”.
The song features Brown Eyed Girl’s Ga In and 2AM’s Jo Kwon. It’s
composed by Brown Eyed Girl’s leader Je-A. It is a nice duet song that
has an (8 beat) new wave sound that was popular during the 1980s.
Composer Lee Min Soo (Love; Abracadabra) and lyricist Kim In Na have
contributed in creating the song as well. Ga In and Jo Kwon also
contributed to the lyrics by telling honest stories of their
make-believe marriage life. Through this couple/duet song, we will be
able to listen to their wonderful harmony and outstanding vocal skills.
This song already topped many internet charts in Korea, one big reason
for its success here.

6. (-4) Younha – 오늘 헤어졌어요 (We Broke Up Today)
Score: 538
Genre: Pop Ballad
Music: Lee Kwan / Lyrics: Hwa Yobi
Album: Younha Vol. 3 Part B Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Title song of singer Younha’s third studio album, Part.B ‘Growing
Season.’ The sad sound of the piano comes together with Hwayobi’s
heart-breaking lyrics in this wintery ballad. Younha sings of the pains
of breaking up in a sincere and honest way with her rich and appealing
voice. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)

7. (+9) 4men (feat. 美) – 못해 (Can’t Do)
Score: 525
Genre: R&B Ballad
Music: Yoon Min Soo / Lyrics: Min Yeon Jae
Album: 4men Special Album “The 3rd Generation” Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV
R&B group 4men continues to surprise us this week by scoring their
first top 10 hit. They have been flying under the radar for a few years
and now with the release of a special album, the title song “Can’t Do”
finally introduces this group to mainstream audiences. “Can’t Do” is
ranked very high on most internet charts in Korea now. A pure R&B
ballad that we haven’t seen for a while. It was written by Vibe’s Yoon
Min Soo, no wonder it does remind us of Vibe’s songs.

8. (-4) After School – 너 때문에 (Because Of You)
Score: 523
Genre: Pop / Dance
Music + Lyrics: Brave Brothers
Album: After School 2nd single Track 1 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Title song of After School’s third digital single album. The music is a
Shibuya-Kei style electro pop song with a sentimental twist. The song
is a combination of a beautiful piano and violin melody, an addictive
chorus and the powerful rap of After School. (credits to Arirang TV –
Pops In Seoul)

9. (New) T-Ara – 처음처럼 (Like The First Time) *** HOT SHOT DEBUT ***
Score: 506
Genre: Pop / Dance
Music + Lyrics: Bang Shi Hyuk
Album: T-Ara Vol. 1 Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
After scoring their first No. 1 hit with “Bo Beep Bo Beep”, T-Ara is
back with their follow up song “Like The First Time” from their first
full album. This song written by Hitman Bang was originally chosen as
the album title song by fans, but record company opted to go with “Bo
Beep Bo Beep” instead. Now T-Ara is finally promoting this song to
satisfy fans’ request. It is our highest debut this week at No. 9.

10. (+36) Gavy NJ (feat. Sunnyside MJ) – 해바라기 (Sunflower) *** BIGGEST MOVER OF THE WEEK ***
Score: 421
Genre: R&B Ballad
Music: Min Myung Ki / Lyrics: Jang Hee Young
Album: Gavy NJ Vol. 4 Side B Track 3 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Gavy NJ returns with Side B of their fourth album, Sunflower this year.
It was produced by Min Myung Ki and the members all took part in
penning the lyrics to the songs. There are a total of six new songs and
two instrumentals, the title track being “Sunflower” which features
Sunny Side MJ. The song was composed by Min Myung Ki and penned by Gavy
NJ lead vocalist, Jang Hee Young, is about looking at the person one
breaks up with and is not saddened about it; instead he or she is
waiting confidently. This week “Sunflower” is our biggest mover, up 36
big spots to the top 10.

11. (+4) ZE:A – Mazeltov
Score: 394
Genre: Pop / Dance
Music + Lyrics: Han Sang Won
Album: ZE:A 1st single “Nativity” Track 3 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Last year it was many debutant girl groups grabbing the headlines. In
2010, the trend looks to have shifted to boy bands. We already saw
CNBlue with their first No. 1 song, another new 9-member boy group ZE:A
rises to No. 11 this week with their first song “Mazeltov”. The members
are Moon Jun Young, Lim Si Wan, Hwang Kwang Hee, Kevin, Kim Tae Hyun,
Jung Hee Chul, Ha Minwoo, Park Hyung Shik, and Kim Dong Joon and they
each show their respective charms. The members have gone through
various auditions and have also took part in the 50th episode of Winka
Concert and various commercials already, gaining fans already from the
start. Leader, Moon Jun Young in particular has gained much interest
through the internet due to his good looks. Others have taken part in
music videos as have modeled for various advertisements. The title
track “Mazeltov” is defined as “good fortune” in Hebrew. The song will
catch listeners ears with the repetitive line, “Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday” as well as its melody.

12. (+5) Yim Jae Bum – 낙인 (Stigma: KBS Drama “Chuno” OST)
Score: 391
Genre: Pop Ballad
Music: Choi Chul Ho, Kim Jong Chan / Lyrics: Kim Jong Chan
Album: KBS Drama “Chuno’ OST Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV
We are seeing a continuous revival of drama OST songs on the chart. The
latest one on the top 20 is from the highly rated KBS historical drama
“Chuno” starring Jang Hyuk, Oh Ji Ho, and Lee Da Hae. The OST comes
with the huskiest male voice in Korea in the name of Yim Jae Bum whose
theme song “Stigma” is his first top 20 hit in many many years. This
week it moves up 5 spots to No. 12.

13. (New) SNSD – Oh!
Score: 374
Genre: Pop / Dance
Music: Kenzie / Lyrics: Kim Jung Bae, Kim Young Hoo
Album: SNSD Vol. 2 Track 1 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
After a very successful 2009 seeing them become one of K-pop’s premier
girl groups, SNSD is back with their 2nd full length album “Oh!”. The
title track which is the same as the album title is composed by Kenzie.
It is of the electronic pop genre and is about confessing to a crush in
a cute and honest way. This song immediately becomes a mega hit as soon
as it is released. It debuts at No. 13 this week on our chart and is
expected to rise to the top very soon.

14. (–) Beast – Mystery
Score: 362
Genre: Pop / Dance
Music + Lyrics: Lee Sang Ho, Kang Ji Won
Album: Beast mini-album “Beast Is The B2st” Track 3 Purchase this album
Watch: Live Performance
Beast’s “Mystery” remains at No. 14 this week. However, “Mystery” have
surpassed their debut hit “Bad Girl” which went to No. 10. This is the
follow up song from their debut mini-album “Beast Is The B2st”.
“Mystery” is a trendy pop/dance song, is the biggest hit of Beast’s
young career so far.

15. (-5) Jewelry – Love Story
Score: 344
Genre: Pop Ballad
Music: Cho Young Soo / Lyrics: Ahn Young Min
Album: Jewelry Vol. 6 Repackaged Version Track 2
Watch: MV Live Performance
This is the title track of Jewelry’s repackaged album “End And.” It is
a ballad with delicate lyrics and melody. It depicts love as an
exciting, yearning, painful and warm feeling. The unique voices of Park
Jung-ah and Seo In-young add charm to the song. (credits to Arirang TV
– Pops In Seoul)

16. (-5) Kim Jin Pyo (feat. SG Wannabe Kim Jin Ho) – 로맨틱 겨울 (Romantic Winter)
Score: 340
Genre: Hip-hop

Album: Kim Jin Pyo mini-album “Romantic Winter” Track 3 Purchase this album
Watch: MV
This is the title track of Kim Jin-pyo’s mini-album “Romantic Winter.”
The accompaniment of a 25-member orchestra and the sweet voice of Kim
Jin-ho of SG Wannabe depict winter in the most charming way. Kim
Jin-pyo’s gentle rapping is especially impressive. Psy and Yoo Keon,
who wrote the song, willingly presented it to Kim Jin-pyo at his
request. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)

17. (-4) 2PM (feat. Yoon Eun Hye) – Tik Tok
Score: 307
Genre: Pop / Dance

Album: 2PM digital single “Tik Tok” Track 1
Watch: MV
2PM’s new song “Tik Tok” is at No. 17 this week. “Tik Tok.” It was
composed by Tommy Park and penned by Kim Eun Soo. The single starts
with the ticking of a clock, furthering bringing in the mood for the
song. The song is about a secret love story that others should not
know. It’s also about wanting to reveal the relationship to the public.
Actress and former Baby Vox Yoon Eun Hye is featured in this song as
well. This song is for Cass beer commercial, with 2PM members Nickhun
and Taecyeon and also Yoon Eun Hye.

18. (-9) Zi-A – 그녀처럼 (Like Her)
Score: 301
Genre: Pop Ballad

Album: Zi-A mini-album Atelier Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV
Zi-A’s latest hit, the title track “Like Her” from her recently
released mini-album “Atelier”, drops nine spots to No. 18 this week.
Her previous hit “Let’s Have A Drink” also hit this spot two weeks ago.
“Like Her” is composed by Lee Joo Ho who also wrote “Let’s Have a
Drink” and penned by Ecobridge (Lee Jong Myung), making this song more
anticipating. One can hear Zi-A go three octaves in this song. A 14
member orchestra also took part in the song, bringing out more sadness
and feelings to the melody.

19. (+7) Rumble Fish – 남잔 다 그래 (Men Are All Like That)
Score: 273
Genre: Rock Ballad

Album: Rumble Fish digital single “Men Are All Like That” Track 1
Watch: MV
Modern Rock group Rumble Fish has shifted their focus to mostly rock
ballads the last two years, and this trend continues with their latest
hit “Men Are All Like That”, an emotional love song which lead singer
Choi Jini sings to perfection. It talks about the typical love one
experiences and gets hurt again. This week it becomes their latest top
20 hit, moving up seven spots to No. 19. (credits to ~S2~)

20. (-8) Lee Seung Ki (feat. Davichi Kang Min Kyung) – 처음처럼 그때처럼 (Like The First Time, Like that One Time)
Score: 373
Genre: Pop Ballad

Album: Lee Seung Ki digital single “Like The First Time, Like that One Time” Track 1
Watch: MV
As a Christmas present to fans, Lee Seung Ki has released one of the
his singles earlier on his soon to be released repackaged 4th album.
“Like The First Time, Like that One Time” was composed by Kim Do Hun,
one of Korea’s top composers. The song is about a man who learns about
the preciousness of his past lover. It is a bright medium tempo track
which features Davichi member, Kang Min Kyung. This week it dropped
eight spots to No. 20.

21 . (–) Lisa (feat. Miryo) – 우리 결혼할까? ( Shall We Marry? ) : 260
22 . (-14) Eun Ji Won – 사이렌 ( Siren ) : 247
23 . (+8) Islander – 웃다가 울다가 ( Laugh And Cry ) : 238
24 . (-4) U-Kiss – 만만하니 ( Am I That Easygoing? ) : 219
25 . (-6) IU & Na Yoon Kwon – 첫사랑이죠 ( It’s My First Love ) : 217
26 . (+24) Trax – 가슴이 차가운 남자 ( Let You Go ) : 192
27 . (+1) Yoo Bum Sang – 행복해지는 법 ( The Way To Happiness ) : 182
28 . (-6) Gummy – 그대라서 ( Because It Is You: SBS Drama “Will It Snow In Christmas” OST ) : 171
29 . (-2) HAM – 두근두근 ( Tomorrow ) : 170
30 . (–) MBLAQ – G.O.O.D luv : 167
31 . (+4) F.Cuz – Jiggy : 159
32 . (-9) Brian (feat. Supreme Team) – 내 여자 ( My Girl ) : 154
33 . (-1) Kim Nam Gil – 사랑하면 안 되니 ( Can’t I Love? ) : 147
34 . (New) Kim Dong Hee – 죽을 것 같아 ( Feel Like I’m Dying ) : 135
35 . (New) Wheesung – 꿈에 ( In Dream ) : 131
36 . (New) Lyn (feat. Seo In Kook) – 새로고침 ( Refresh ) : 128
37 . (-4) Gil Me (feat. Jung Yup) – 넌 나를 왜 ( Why You Doing This To Me? ) : 119
38 . (New) Kim Jong Kook – 이 사람이다 ( It’s This Person ) : 117
39 . (-3) SG Wannabe & V.O.S – 사랑합니다 ( I Love You ) : 110
40 . (+5) Lucid Fall – 고등어 ( Mackerel ) : 94
41 . (-1) Shoo – 자기밖에 ( Only For Himself ) : 92
42 . (-13) Jo Gyu Chan – I Love You ( ) : 87
43 . (-5) IU – 마쉬멜로우 ( Marshmallow ) : 86
44 . (-1) Kim Yeon Woo – 축가(祝歌) ( Wedding Song ) : 83
45 . (New) 2NB – 까만눈물 ( Black Tears ) : 76
46 . (+2) In Soon Yi – 겨울바다 ( Winter Sea ) : 75
47 . (New) T-Max – 한번쯤은 ( At Least One Time: KBS Drama “God Of Study” OST ) : 70
48 . (-11) Egg – One One Eight : 68
49 . (-8) AB Avenue – 사랑 둘이서.. ( Love Between Us Two.. ) : 67
50 . (-6) Kim Tae Woo – 사랑눈 ( Love Snow ) : 65

Blue: Songs to watch out under top 20
Green: Editor’s recommendations under top 20

White Brown – 사랑하기 때문에 (Because I Love You)
Genre: R&B Ballad

Album: White Brown digital single “Because I Love You” Track 1
Watch: MV
This is the title track of the first digital single album from the
project duo White Brown, which consists of the vocalist Juni and the
rapper Su-ho. The group gets its name from the warm feel of white and
the sweet and mellow scent of brown, which is to reflect the harmony of
the two vocals. “Because I Love You” was composed by Kim Sung Hun and
penned by the group themselves. This song is a favorite of the two, a
gem of a song to them. The song features Suho’s rap, bringing out a
different feel to the song. It is a remake of the song “Can’t Live
Without You,” which the two performed when they were the members of
SMAX. It has a gentle R&B melody that harmonizes with Su-ho’s clear
rapping. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul and motoway065 for translations)

Eun Ji Won – 만취 In Melody (Drunken In Melody)
Genre: Hip-hop

Album: Eun Ji Won Vol. 3 (2003) Track 2
Watch: MV Live Performance
Eun ji Won was leader of the famous old skool boyband Sechskies. He is
now a rapper, MC, composer and member of popular variety show “1 night
2 days”. Eun Ji Won debuted his solo career in 2000. He first debuted
with the single track “A-Ha” on October 27, 2000. He composed produced
all songs from his first single album. Eun Ji Won’s first big hit was
from his third album “Drunken in Melody”, that was the beginning of his
transformation to a legitimate hip-hop artist. Since then, he has had
other hit songs like “adios” and most recently “Siren”. (credits to ~S2~)

Sources of the chart

Air Monitor Chart – 15%
Cable Sources (MNet, KMTV, Cable Airplays) – 15%
Various Internet charts (Dosirak, Bugs, Melon, Naver, Monkey3, Daum, Cyworld, Soribada) – 15%
ChartKorea – 10%
Hottracks Weekly Album Sales (2 weeks lag) – 10%
SBS Inky Gayo Take 7 + Internet Chart + MP3 Download Chart – 10%
MBC Inky Top 100 Chart – 10%
KBS Music Bank K-Chart – 10%
Gasoo appearance on gayo shows
(MBC Music Core, SBS Inky Gayo, KBS Music Bank, MBC Music Travel
LaLaLa, SBS Kim Jung Eun Chocolate, KBS Yoo Hee Yeol Sketchbook , YTN
Live Power Music, MTV Non-stop, Pops In Seoul) – 5%

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