Artist Of The Week – 4Men

Young Jae
Full name: Kim Young Jae
Born: July 23, 1983
Physique: 176cm, 69kg
Education: Cheonan High School
Career: Dance team “Gorilla” B-boy and instructor

Shin Yong Jae
Born: November 1, 1989
Physique: 176cm, 72kg
Education: Practical Arts, Music; University of Seoul
Debut: 2008 4Men [EP Album “First Kiss”]
Career: Group “Rejoice” vocalist

Kim Won Joo
Born: July 29, 1987
Physique: 178cm, 64kg
Education: Mechanical Engineering at Inha Univesrity (Absence)
Debut: 2008 4Men [EP Album “First Kiss”]

Former Members:
J1 (lead vocals), Jeong Se Young (sub-vocals), Lee Jeong Ho (sub-vocals), Han Hyeon Hee (bass) and Yoon Min Soo (VIBE)

For this week, we featured 4Men. A talented vocal R&B group that consists of 3 currents members that are Young Jae, Shin Yong Jae and Kim Won Joo.

This group debuted in 1998 with 4 members hence the group name 4Men. The first generation or original members of 4Men was the pioneer for R&B song in Korea. For past years, the group has changed members and also released few albums until they stay in hiatus for awhile.

They released a special album called “The 3rd Generation” as the re-introduction back to the industry. With the new line-up, the song “Can’t Do” become very popular in the online chart and their first ever top 10 hit. A pure R&B ballad that we haven’t seen for a while. It was written by Vibe’s Yoon Min Soo. The song does have Vibe’s R&B flavor.

With the success of this song, fans are hoping to see 4men come out more to promote and sing this song live on music shows.


* Four Men First Album (1st album, 1998)

* 이렇게 천일동안 모으면 이별이 사라진다고 했다 (2nd album, 2000-12-01)

* Andante (3rd album, 2006-03-09)

* 선물 / Gift (1st digital Single, 2007-05-21)

* Melody (2nd digital single, 2008-01-07)

* First Kiss (EP, 2008-10-07)

* Voice Of Autumn (EP, 2009-11-03)

Purchase this album
* The 3rd Generation (Special Album, 2010-01-18)

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못해 (Can’t Do) [Music Video]

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