Ji Jin-hee’s Parallel Life

Ji Jin-hee and Lee Jong-hyuk are both currently working on drama projects, and they also have a movie set to come out mid-month, the mystery-thriller Parallel Life,
which is building up buzz online for its story: the main character
draws connections between the murder of a family thirty years ago and a
new case repeating old patterns, and soon finds himself entangled in
the mystery. The race is on to prevent more killing, which he predicts
based the old case that forms a “parallel life” to the new one.

The movie unfolds when a prosecuting attorney’s (Ji Jin-hee)
beautiful wife is found dead in a horrific state. Volunteering to work
on the case is Ji’s old law school classmate (Lee Jong-hyuk), who had
carried a torch for his wife. Ji throws himself into work and pushes
through the case of his wife’s accused murder (Ha Jung-woo), who later escapes and threatens Ji and his daughter.

But the connections between his life and the thirty-year-old one run
deeper than first imagined. Even the date of the murderer’s escape
coincides with the date of the escape thirty years ago…

Parallel Life opens on February 18. Here’s the teaser:

The preview starts out by pointing out the curious connections between
the lives and deaths of Lincoln and Kennedy. (Lincoln was elected in
1860, Kennedy in 1960. Lincoln was killed in the Ford Theater, Kennedy
in a Ford automobile. Both died on Fridays. A week before their deaths,
Lincoln was in Monroe, Maryland, while Kennedy was with Marilyn
Monroe.) The trailer makes a few factual errors; here’s Snopes’ list of coincidences.
But that’s beside the point; the parallel lives theory is the basis of
the movie’s central plot, which unfolds around Ji Jin-hee.

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