The Influence’s Teaser Poster And Preview

The official poster has been released for “mystery digital blockbuster” The Influence, and my main question is: Considering that it stars one of Korea’s top A-listers (Lee Byung-heon) and the nation’s “Barbie doll” (Han Chae-young), that’s the best they could do? (It looks so cheesy!)

The preview is also out (watch below) for the thriller, which seems
to thrive on cryptic plotlines: Lee plays “W,” who can travel through
time over 100 years, while Han is “J,” his love interest who is locked
in a tank called “Jubilee.” The movie is about a promise that doesn’t
change and which must be kept through the years. A shadowy group called
the “DJC” figures heavily in the mystery.

The full movie will be released online in early March.


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