Angry Netizens Against New WGM Couple

Amidst news that So Nyeo Shi Dae SeoHyun and C.N Blue Jong Yung Hwa
have been confirmed as a new couple on MBC We Got Married 2, many
netizens also raised their voices about it.

Some netizens linked it to incidents of C.N Blue’s recent plagiarism
accusations and manager’s violent behavior to fans, “Too much noise
and news about Jong Yung Hwa”, “He should just have stopped at drama”

And about SeoHyun’s appearance on the show, “She just recently
graduated from high school, isn’t it wrong for a teenager to be
involved such a program on marriage?”, “Even though SeoHyun is good,
but I don’t think she is cut out for variety shows” etc.

Also previously on a variety show, SeoHyun revealed that “Sweet
potatoes are better than men” showing no interests in men. With that
many netizens’ stand is, “I object to this marriage”, “Rather, get a
sweet potato on the show” etc.

There also netizens who are worried that SeoHyun’s appearance on the
show may also hurt her image as even before the show is aired, there is
so much negativity against this new couple.


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