BoA Releases Japanese album "Identity" in Korea

BoA, one of Asia’s most popular singers, is set to release her latest Japanese album in Korea, her home country this Thursday.

The album “Identity” was released in Japan last Thursday, and it has been nearly two years since her previous Japanese studio album “The Face.” She was busy last year trying to break into the American music industry with her self titled english debut album.

Of the 13 songs in the album, “Bump Bump!” “Mamoritai: White Wishes” and “”Possibility” already have music videos.

BoA took part in composing some songs for the
album, including “”Neko Rabu” and “my all,” as well as also writing the
lyrics to “This Is Who I Am,” “Easy,” “The End and…” and “Fallin’.”

Currently, she is on tour for her “BoA LIVE TOUR 2010 ~IDENTITY~” in Japan.

1. “This Is Who I Am”
2. “Easy”
3. “Bump Bump!” (featuring Verbal of M-flo)
4. “Lazer”
5. “Interlude #1”
6. “is this love”
7. “Mamoritai: White Wishes
8. “Interlude #2”
9. “Neko Rabu (Kitten Love, ネコラブ?)”
10. “The End Soshite And… (The End そして And…?)” (Album Version)
11. “Possibility” (duet with Daichi Miura)
12. “Fallin'”
13. “My All”

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