T-ara to promote new track "I Go Crazy Because Of You"

Wow! That was fast. Barely a month after promotions for “Just Like The First Time” were cut early due to member Soyeon contracting swine flu, T-ara will be making a comeback!

It’s not uncommon for successful K-Pop artists to release repackaged versions of their original album and T-ara is no exception. Their first cohesive album as a group, Absolute First Album, was a mega hit in Korea, earning them multiple Music Bank and Mutizen awards and claiming the #1 spot for weeks at a time on music charts.

Currently “Bad Girl” is the trendy concept for girl groups, soon to come with SNSD as evidenced by the end of their “Oh!” music video and most recently with Kara and their comeback “Lupin.” It looks like T-ara will be following in the trend as well. They are sporting a dark, vamped up look that makes their cute, retro spin on fashion in “Just Like The First Time” and their kitty coordinated wardrobe in “Bo Peep Bo Peep” seem far more soft and innocent!

The title track off the repackaged album is titled “I Go Crazy Because Of You.” The song was composed by an already famous face in the Korean music industry, R & B star Wheesung. What style will fans see this time? T-ara’s representative says to keep Ivy’s Sonata of Temptation in mind. This track was also penned by Wheesung and was a huge hit when it was released in 2007.

The repackaged album “Breaking Heart” is scheduled for release February 26th. Expect a teaser video of the new track “I Go Crazy Because Of You” to unveil itself on the 23rd.