Wonder Girls’ Comeback To Korea Set For April

Wonder Girls who have been away from the K-Pop scene for some time to
promote in the States will be back on the Korean performing stage this

This April, Wonder Girls will be releasing their first full-length
album in the States, and will be doing “Korea-America-Asia”
promotions for it.

A representative revealed on the 19th, “Currently the girls are
working on the new album, and it will include their hit songs like
‘Nobody’ as well as 4~5 new song. In addition, the girls will be
recording a Korean version to the title song for fans in Korea.”

And about whether the girls will be promoting the Korean version of the
title song, the rep said, “Korea is included in part of the promotions
for their new album. And we are seeing that they will be promoting in
Korea for a longer time than in other countries for the song.”

Currently the WonderGirls are promoting their hit song ‘Nobody’ in
the States, as well as in China.

Meanwhile, member Sunmi will be leaving the team and heading back to
Korea to prepare for her college life in March, while JYP trainee Hyerim
will be joining as new member.


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