KARA’s "Lupin" MV Gets 90K Views In 2 Hours

After shaking up the music industry with
their ‘butt dance’, what does girl group KARA have in store for us?

Girl group KARA released their music video for their third mini-album
title track Lupin today, at 1pm (KST) through Gom TV. With this music
video, they shed off their cutie image and went for a more charismatic
performance. The MV took the number 1 spot on real-time charts and
within 2 hours from its release, the music video had been viewed 90,000
times. At 6pm today (KST) the number of views rose to 160,000.

With their butt dance being all the rage last year, netizens were
looking forward to the new dance craze the 5 girls of KARA will bring
with Lupin. There are already a few dance steps that are pointed out by
fans, the hottest of them being the ‘Emergency Exit Dance’. Netizens
named the dance step ‘Emergency Exit Dance’ because the
choreography seemed like the girls were running and climbing a flight
of stairs to exit through the emergency door.

Another choreography that caught the eyes of the netizens is the
dance during the ‘Halla~ Halla~’ part of the Lupin.
Moving their shoulders and stomachs, and also their chests, in a
circular motion, this dance step shows the powerful and sexy image of

The netizens also love the part of the dance where Goo Hara flips
her long straight hair
, and the dance step where the members
look like Bond girls, holding out a gun.

The track Lupin, which was released on the 17th have been performing
well in the charts. On 22nd, the song was still holding the number 1
spot in Melon, Mnet.com, Dosirak, Soribada, and Monkey3.

KARA will comeback through M! Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core, and
Inkigayo this week.

[Eng/Rom] Kara Lupin MV HD