Shots from Cinderella’s Sister’s Opening Title

First stills!

Cinderella’s Sister, KBS’s upcoming buzz drama, shot
its opening titles on February 19 after its first script
took place last week. The production has released the
first shots of the drama’s two stars, Moon Geun-young
and Chun Jung-myung, which were taken at a resort in
the Kyeonggi province.

(The mood seems a little heavier than I’d anticipated. Perhaps
this’ll be a weightier drama than expected? Not that they ever said it
would be fluffy — and with actors like Moon and Chun, we could expect
better than throwaway silliness anyway — but when a kdrama throws the
term “Cinderella” into its core description, one tends to think trendy

(Then again, they ARE only stills.)

We also have our first look at second lead Ok Taecyeon in
character as Jung-woo, who grew up with a difficult (read: poor)
childhood and therefore loves to eat (assuming that he didn’t have much
growing up). As an adult, he’s a rather simple guy who is
single-mindedly in love with with the one girl who used to cook for him,
Eun-jo (Moon Geun-young).

As he is an idol singer with boy band 2PM, there’s some doubt as to
how well Taecyeon will acquit himself in his acting debut. However, a
source from A Story, the production company behind the drama, expressed
the team’s faith in Taecyeon, saying that viewers can expect to see good
screen presence and sensitivity.

We won’t know how well he’ll carry himself on the acting front till
next month, but the boy is looking pretty good. (Not as good as Chun
, though! I leave you 2PM fans free to claim this

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