Promo Photos For Personal Taste

Promo pics are out for Personal Taste! I’ll freely
admit that this is the upcoming drama that has grabbed my interest the
most, partly due to its giggly-funny premise, partly due to its fab lead
actors, and partly because I’m currently reading the novel. (Never
fear, when I’m done I’ll write up a general review. I’m about halfway
through now, and I’ll say that as a literary work it’s probably (at
best) at the level of a breezy internet novel — but as fodder for kdrama
fare, there’s some primo comedy stuff in there.)

These stills were taken at the MBC drama’s first poster shoots on
February 18 at a studio at the MBC Dream Center. The drama premieres
March 31.

I am pretty sure the drama is going to depart in a few key ways from
the novel, but the basic gist is the same. In the novel, the hero (Lee
) is older than the heroine (Sohn Ye-jin),
but it remains to be seen whether the drama will tailor their ages to
reflect the actors’ real ages more closely. (Lee Min-ho is 22, while
Sohn Ye-jin recently turned 28.) Sohn plays a woman, Kae-in, who meets
Jin-ho just when she’s suffered at the hands of two douchebags and
wistfully thinks that things would be better off with a gay best friend.
Thanks to some fortuitous timing, she happens upon Jin-ho at just this
time, and through a misunderstanding (which is mostly Jin-ho’s fault),
she believes that he’s gay. Taking this as a happy coincidence, she
welcomes him as her new roommate, and Jin-ho finds himself tangled up in
a misconception of his own making. Shenanigans ensue!

I don’t care what people say, I think Personal Taste
is looking adorable.

These newly released stills show the stars looking cute and friendly,
and reflects the dynamic between their characters as Sohn
’s Kae-in thrills at the idea of having a gay best friend
and latches on to her new roommate Jin-ho (Lee Min-ho)
with great enthusiasm, to his dismay and discomfort. Although it’s
Jin-ho who first lies that he’s gay, he finds himself increasingly
reluctant to perpetuate the pretense but due to certain reasons that
keep cropping up, he has to go with it. (And then, to his horror, he
finds himself attracted to her against his own wishes. Curses!)

Gotta say I’m not loving the tight pants on Lee Min-ho, even if
Jin-ho is supposed to be they type of guy to wear fashionable and
tailored clothes. They’ve styled Sohn Ye-jin perfectly, though — she’s
not supposed to be unattractive, but merely comes across as that at
first glance because she doesn’t take care to present herself well.

I answered the questions in the previous thread but I know they’ll
pop up again: Yes, the novel is in Korean. No, it is not in English. You
can probably buy it at a Korean bookstore if you’re in a metropolitan
area that has Korean bookstores, under the title 개인의 취향 by writer 이새인.

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