New Albums And Singles Preview - 2010 February Week 4

T-Ara Vol. 1 (Repackaged Version) – Breaking Heart (March 3)

01 Crazy Because of You
02 I’m Hurting Too Much
03 One & One
04 Like the First Time
05 Bo Peep Bo Peep
06 Tic Tic Toc
07 Bye Bye
08 Apple is A
09 Falling U
10 You You You
11 Lie (Dance Ver)
12 T.T.L (Time to Love)
13 Like (Slow Ver)
14 Ttl Listen. 2
15 Good Person
16 Want to Play?

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who has released hits including “Lie,” “Bo Peep Bo Peep” and “Like The
First Tim” has done a 180 degree turn with their repackaged version of
their first album. The title track is “Crazy Because of You” and it was
co-composed by Jo Young Soo and Kim Tae Hyun and penned by Wheesung.
This dance track has a pop feel with electronic sounds. The second new
single is “I’m Hurting Too Much” which was composed by Shinsadong Tiger
who wrote their former hit, “Bo Peep Bo Peep.” It is also a dance track
that has bokgo feels with sad lyrics.

Beast mini-album Vol. 2 – Shock Of The New Era (March 2)

01 Just Before Shock
02 Shock
03 Special
04 Say No
05 Easy

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has returned this year with their second album, “Shock of the New Era”
with a new genre, rocktronic. The title track, “Shock” which was
composed by Shinsadong Tiger and Lee Sang Ho combo, has powerful synth
loops, comparable to heavy metal guitar rifts and has exciting rhythms.

Outsider Vol. 2.5 – Outsider (March 2)

01 Moonlight’s Song (Intro)
02 Outsider
03 Pierrot’s Tears 2 (feat. Gilmi)
04 When the Wind Blows, I Think of You (feat. Ilac)
05 Life is But a Dream (A Time-Limited Life)

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being recognized by k-pop lovers with his single, “Loner,” Outsider
returns with a new 2.5 album, titled Outsider. The title track is of
the same title is and it has dramatic beats. It was composed by Master
Key and Rhymer and penned by the artist himself. Another song worth
mentioning is “Pierrot’s Tears 2,” a follow up track of “Pierrot’s
Tears” which was part of his sophomore album.

V.O.S – Best Collection (March 5)

01Tell Me While Looking Into My Eyes
02 Beautiful You
03 I’m Thankful Because of You
04 Everyday
05 I’ll Wait For You
06 Two Love
07 You Said You’re a Man
08 Cry
09 Please
10 Terminally Ill Patient
11 Has is Happened
12 Laugh then Cry…
13 I Am
14 Beautiful Life
15 Big Problem
16 For a Precious Person

17 Sorry
18 Now, I
19 We Are now Strangers feat. Ha Joo Yeon of Jewelry
20 Getting a Fever
21 Why Are We Like This
22 Want, Hope For, Erase…
23 Also Walking In My Memories With Tears Today
24 Sweet Girl
25 When I Miss You..
26 Heart Fluttering
27 Young Day
28 Words Sadder than Breakup
29 With U

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comes back with a gift for his their fans, their best album, “This is
Voice of Soul.” It includes songs from their seven year long career.
During their career, the group had released three studio albums and
held concerts, gaining their status as one of Korea’s best male vocal
groups. There are a total of 29 tracks, including one new single, “I’m

IU (single) – Fifth Finger (released)

01 Fifth Finger
02 Fifth Finger (INST)

releases a new single, “Fifth Finger” which will be used as the
“emotional theme” song for the Telecinema Project album which is used
for the movie, 19 Nineteen which stars TOP and Seungri of Big Bang. IU
who has recently gained popularity with her single, “Marshmallow” is to
show her vocal skills through this new ballad number. The project album
collaborates Japanese writers and a Korean production crew where Korea
representative singers, Gummy, Lee Suk Hun (SG Wannabe), Lee Chang Min
(2PM), and of course IU are to take part in it. “Fifth Finger” was
composed by Park Su Jong and penned by Cho Gap Won.

Other releases:

M-BLAQ (single) – Cho Duk Bae 25th anniversary album Part 4 (released)
Gorrilaz – Stylo (released)
Annie – first single (released)
V-One – Thinking About You (March 2)
Yeonwoo Namgoong – New Years Day (March 2)
Gogoboys (mini-album) – Gogo Play The Music (March 3)
Ophelia Vol. 1 – 당신의 환상을 동정하라 (March 4)
Face Vol. 1 – 우야꼬 (March 4)
Gogo Star (single) – 성난 인형극 (March 4)
Jeremy – The Very Best Of Jeremy (March 5)
Novasonic (mini-album) – Metamorphosis (March 5)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
credits to motoway065 for translations

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