BEAST’s New Album "Shock Of The New Era" Gets Leaked Online

BEAST’s upcoming album has been leaked online.

According to Cube Entertainment on February 28th , the full title song “Shock” to the group’s upcoming 2nd album “Shock of the new era” has
been leaked online.

The company rep said, “We heard about the news of the leak on
Youtube, we are currently doing our best to track the source of leak.
Appropriate actions will be act accordingly on the one who is found to
have leaked out the song.”

The album was initially set to be released on March 2nd . With this
incident, the rep said, “We can only do an online reveal on March 1.
This leakage is definitely not noise marketing on our side. We are hurt
that the album cannot be released as planned.”


BEAST – 01 Just Before Shock

BEAST – 02 Shock 

BEAST – 03 Special

BEAST – 04 Take Care of My Girlfriend (say no)

BEAST – 05 Easy

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