Song Hye-gyo, An Action Star?

Song Hye-gyo is currently in China working on her
next role in The Grand Master, the martial arts movie
directed by renowned Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar-wai,
and will apparently be displaying some “real action” skills in the film.

The Grand Master stars Tony Leung as Wing
Chun grandmaster Ip Man, and also features Chang Chen
and Zhang Ziyi. Each of the actors has been outfitted
with specialized protective gear that has been made especially for this
film, to prevent injury while upping the realism of the fight scenes.
The guards are made of silicone and fitted to each actor’s body to move
with them and, as they are lightweight, remain undetected underneath
clothing. As Song Hye-gyo is reportedly using these guards in filming,
we can look forward to seeing her in action. (It’ll be an interesting
sight, that’s for sure; Song has always been known for her femininity
and beauty, so a martial arts action film will be a complete turnaround
from her existing image.)

Song has been traveling back and forth between Korea and China since
December, and has been diligently practicing her Chinese language and
martial arts skills. The Grand Master recently began filming,
and is planning for a release in the second half of next year.

Via DongA

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