New Albums And Singles Preview – 2010 March Week 1

Epik High (Special Album) – Epilogue (March 8)

01 Drawer
02 Run
03 Fool
04 Wordkill
05 Blossom
06 Scales
07 Static
08 Coffee
09 Over
10 Forest

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High has been in the music scene for seven years and even to this day,
they are receiving much love. Even though they don’t promote their
songs or rely on trendy sounds, their albums are popular among many.
They have started this year with a special album titled, Epilogue which
includes never before released songs during the past seven years and 11
albums time. As usual, the album was composed, penned, and arranged by
the group themselves. The title track is “Run” which revolves around
the theme of hope. These are for those with “ill” from the society or
those with high hopes but restrained from reality. The song tells
listeners to continue to “run” until the end; its increasing rhythms
help bring out this effect.

Jo PD Vol. 7-2 – Victory (March 10)

01 Want from Korean Hip-Hop feat. Blockbuster
02 Act Proudly feat. Jeong Seul Gi
03 Victory 2010 feat. Coreana
04 Fall Legend feat. Humming Urban Stereo
05 R.O.K feat. In Soon Ee
06 Fall Legend INST
08 Victory 2010 INST
09 Sex Sex Sex feat. Saet Byeol
10 Victory 2010 SONG VER feat. Coreana

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PD returns with his new double album which is going to be released
little by little from February to November. The first digital single
has already been released last month and this month an EP album,
Victory is available for listeners. This album has been produced
entirely by Rhymer with producers such as MasterKey, Won Young Hyun,
Trendy Boy, and Assbrass taking a part, upgrading the songs. The songs
“Victory 2010” and “ROK” have themes of victory, the former bringing
listeners back to the 1988 Olympics held in Seoul. Other tracks
included are “Fall Legend” which features Humming Urban Stereo and is
about first love and “Act Proudly” which features Super Star K
contestant, Jeong Seul Gi.

4men – Baby Baby + 4 Men (released)

01 This is the Fourmen
02 Baby Baby
03 First Love
04 First Kiss
05 Baby Baby (A Cappella)
06 First Kiss (A Cappella)
07 Baby Baby REMIX
08 First Kiss REMIX
09 This is the Fourmen MR
10 Baby Baby MR
11 First Kiss MR
12 Baby Baby REMIX MR
13 First Kiss REMIX MR

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who has been receiving a lot of attention lately with their latest mini
album, The 3rd Generation has returned with “Baby Baby + 4 Men.” It
includes the track, “Baby Baby” which was sung in many of the radio
shows hosted by various idols such as SHINee and 2PM. Another song
worth mentioning is “First Kiss.”

Brian (single) – In My Head (released)

01 In My Head
02 In My Head INST

is the second installation following the Craig David VS Wheesung
collaboration with “Insomnia.” Brian is to sing “In My Head,” super
rookie idol, Jason Derulo’s second single, composed by J.R. Rotem who
has done works for top starts such as Rihanna, Britney Spears, and Lil
Kim. The song has electronica and pop sounds. Brian is able to show
another side to the song with his own rendition of the song in Korean.

Other releases:

Cho Young Soo All-Star Vol. 2.5 (released)
One Way 1st mini-album – One Way Street (released)
Lee Sang Min Vol. 1 – Evolution (released)
DN-A (single) – 동경소년 (released)
Byul (single) – Taste Of Love (released)
December (single) – Honesty: 배우게 사랑이라 (released)
Ny – Forest Of Truth (March 9)
Ducks – 추가 공기밥 하나 (March 9)
Wounded Fly Vol. 2 – Safety N Light (March 9)
Spacebar – Spacebar (March 9)
The Quiett – Quiet Storm: A Night Record (March 11)
Swings Vol. 1 – Growing Pains (March 11)
Ciel (mini-album) – Refloat (March 11)
Kan Jong Wook Vol. 2 – 초연 (March 11)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
credits to motoway065 for translations