Moon Geun-young’s Bad-girl Transformation

Ooh, finally we get a look at Moon Geun-young’s
transformation as the stepsister in Cinderella’s Sister!
When the role was first announced, it was announced as a villainous
turn; it was then amended to say that she would be more of a misguided
heroine. In any case, the role promised a departure from Moon’s angelic
image (she’s known as a “donation angel” and is beloved for her
wholesome charm). But until now, we haven’t seen much indication of her
character Eun-jo’s darker side.

Moon’s usual image is more like the character in the first two stills
below, which show her with co-star Chun Jung-myung
when their characters are younger. However, Eun-jo grows up feeling a
lack of love and therefore becomes a young woman who rejects love from
others. She acts like she’s indifferent to the world and is
characterized by harsh language and a cynical smile, which she uses as a
defense mechanism. A producer explained that the character will
continue to undergo changes as the drama progresses.

Cinderella’s Sister premieres March 31.

I’ve always thought Moon was cute and sweet, but with this new look,
she’s quite stunning. I remember that a few years ago when Moon was in
her late teens, she had attempted to shed her good-girl image with
“sexy” CFs (dark makeup, clingy clothing), but that didn’t really work
and people continued to associate her as the nice girl. With some added
maturity, though, maybe now the transformation will be credible.

Finally, a glimpse of Seo Woo! We’ve had many promo
stills released of Moon
, Chun
, and Taecyeon,
but nary a one of Seo Woo, who’s playing the Cinderella in Cinderella’s

Seo Woo has quite the young naif thing working for her, so she suits
the role pretty well, image- and acting-wise. She’s actually two years
older than Moon, despite playing the younger sister. And her colorful,
cute styling in this role is definitely made to contrast with Moon’s darker

Seo Woo plays Hyo-sun, daughter of Kim Gab-soo, and
actually meets Lee Mi-sook first and introduces her to
her father, thus playing an important role in their marriage. Hyo-sun is
pretty and kind, with a bright, winsome attitude. Because she has grown
up receiving lots of love, she’s generous in giving it as well, which
goes completely counter to her stepsister’s harsh, closed-off ways.

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