T-ara’s Soyeon And Hyomin Had Been Approached By Japanese Entertainment Companies Before Their Debut

T-ara members HyoMin and SoYeon reveal that they have been cast by
Japanese entertainment companies before their debut.

Hyomin and SoYeon were present together with the other T-ara members
on March 17 for the new menu launch for restaurant brand “Sky Rock”
in Tokyo, Japan and they told the reporters, “We have received proposals
for casting in Japan before.”

HyoMin said, “During my high school 2nd year, I was cast by a
famous entertainment company to be a singer. But I rejected since it
will be hard to give up my studies then plus having to cope with a new
culture held me back.”

SoYeon said, “I was cast during my high school 3rd year. Back then, I
had many discussions with the boss, and I even had my profile photos
taken and experienced the broadcast there. But in the end, the debut did
not happen.”

Member EunJung added, “When I was in middle school before I became a
singer, I had recently proposals to appear in a Japanese movie. That
happened after I went for auditions for a Korea-Japan collaboration
movie. I went through several months of training for that then. But it
was a waste, it was also only aired in Japan. With such experiences, I
also thought I wanted to do something else other than just being a


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