New Albums And Singles Preview - 2010 March Week 3

SNSD Vol. 2 Repackaged Version – Run Devil Run (March 22)

01 Run Devil Run
02 Oh!
04 Star Star Star – Acoustic Rnb Ver.
05 Show Show Show
Sweet Talking Baby
07 Forever
08 Be Happy
09 Boys & Girls –
feat. Key of SHINee
10 Talk to Me
11 Star Star Star
12 Day By
13 Gee
14 Genie

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Hot Issue SNSD
has finally unveiled their new concept: “Black Soshi.” Through this new
concept, the girls are to show off their powerful charismatic charms.
The title track off their repackaged sophomore album is, “Run Devil Run”
following their single, “Oh.” The girls are also going to show off
their glam and chic look.

After School 3rd single
– Bang
(March 26)

01 Let’s Do It!
02 Bang!
With U
04 Bang! INST

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Girl group, After
School is to release their third single album, Bang at the end of
March, this time with even more intensity. The title track is “Bang” and
it was composed and penned by Kim Tae Hyeon and Kim Hee Seon
respectively. This song was originally going to be a follow up single on
their previous mini album, but was saved up for later to upgrade it.
The song uses drum sounds as its backbone with powerful vocals to
accompany it. Another song is “With U” which is member, GaHee’s second
song that she penned. It is a track with medium tempo rhythms and
beautiful piano arrangements.

Big Mama Vol. 5 –
(March 23)

01 Fire
02 Beautiful Day
Go Crazy Waiting

04 Burn
05 The Pine Tree that Loved the Girl
Just One Day
07 Narrow Sky (Shin Yeon Ah SOLO)
08 Only Love (Lee
Ji Yeong SOLO)
09 Rainbow Dream
10 Daylight
11 Let’s Get
12 Us During that Day (Lee Yeong Hyeon SOLO)
13 The Way
(Park Min Hye SOLO)
14 Love
15 Talk to Oneself

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Korea’s best 4
member female vocal group, Big Mama has made a comeback with their fifth
studio album, three years since their last. This album is based on the
concept of diversity as well Big Mama-esque styles. It took over two
years to prepare and famous composers including Lee Hyeon Jeong, Hong
Jeon Soo, and Ryu Hae Jun took part in it. The title track is “Go Crazy
Waiting” which was composed by Ryu Hae Jun. It is about loving only one
person and will continue to do so even after the love ends and the
person leaves. “Burn” is another track with sad melodies while “Just One
Day” is a pop ballad. Also included in the album are solo tracks by
each of the members.

Wax – Unplugged, Side A
(March 23)

01 Breakup Story feat. Jo Kwon
02 All Smiling People are Beautiful
03 Train Bounded to Chun
04 It’s a Relief
05 Love is Like Rainwater Outside the
06 Letter
07 Breakup Story INST
08 All Smiling People
are Beautiful INST
09 Train Bounded to Chun Cheon INST
10 It’s a
Relief INST
11 Love is Like Rainwater Outside the Window INST
Letter INST

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Wax returns to
the music scene with the first part of the unplugged remake album after
releasing hits throughout her music career including “Oppa,” “Money,”
and “I’ll Give you the Rest of My Remaining Love.” Wax brings out an
acoustic vintage feel as well as a classic and clean mood in her
renditions. Included in the album are Kim Sung Ho’s “All Smiling People
Are Beautiful,” Lee Mun Seh’s “Breakup Story” which Wax sings with 2AM
member, Jo Kwon, and Yang Soo Kyeong’s “Love Is Like Rainwater Outside
the Window.”

F(x) (single) – Thrill Love

01 Thrill Love
02 Thrill

F(x) releases a single, “Thrill Love” for the new
drama, Hungry Romeo, Luxury Juliet. This upbeat dance song will be the
main title track for the drama series, following other popular drama
tracks including TaeYeon’s “Can You Hear Me” and Kwill’s “I’m Bad.”

to M (single) – The Soul Of Men

01 I, Uselessly
03 I, Uselessly INST
04 Sending… INST

Vocal group,
M to M returns with a new single album with the title track being
R&B ballad, “I Uselessly.” It is about a man’s sad breakup story
composed by Park Hae Woon who also wrote Davichi’s “My Man” and penned
by singer, Wheesung. The second track is “Sending” which is a medium
tempo song where the members are able to show new colors by taking on a
British genre style.

Other releases:

(single) – Melody: Andante (released)
Rocktigers Vol. 3 – Rock N Roll
License (released)
Gumpi (single) – The Rebirth (released)
Hwal Vol. 12 – Retrospect Part 2: 25th anniversary (March 22)
Pigeon Unity Vol. 1 – National Pigeon Unity (March 23)
Checkone –
Happy Train (March 23)
Gil Hak Mi 1st single – Super Soul (March 25)

Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
credits to motoway065
for translations

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