Artist of the week – T-ara

Member : Ji-yeon (real name: Park Ji Yeon)
Date of birth : June 7th 1993
Height : 167cm
Weight : 46kg

Member : Eun-jeong (real name: Hahm Eun-jeong)
Date of birth : December 12th 1988
Height : 167cm
Weight : 47kg

Member : Hyo-min (real name: Park Sun-young)
Date of birth : May 30th, 1989
Height : 167cm
Weight : 43kg

Member : Bo-ram (real name: Jeon Bo-ram)
Date of birth : March 22, 1986
Height : 155cm
Weight : 45kg
Daughter of singer Jeon Young Rok and actress Lee Mi Young

Member : Q-ri
Date of birth : December 12th 1986
Height : 162cm
Weight : 44kg

Member : So-yeon (real name: Park So-yeon)
Date of birth : October 5th 1987
Height : 163cm
Weight : 46kg

T-ara is a 6-member girl group out of Core Contents Media. The same entertainment agency which houses artists like Davichi and SG Wannabe. Their members are Eunjung (the leader), Hyomin, Jiyeon, Soyeon, Qri, and Boram. Before the 6-member T-ara, they were originally planned to be a 5-member girl group. In early June 2009 two months before the girls’ official debut, former leader Jiae and member Jiwon quit the group, believing that the concept of T-ara did not match them.

Immediately after, Jeon Boram, the daughter of Jeon Youngrok was added into T-ara. Three weeks before T-ara’s they were to oficially debut, Soyeon and Qri were added into T-ara, thus making the current six members. There was also added interest to the group since it was also known that
So Yeon, T-ara’s lead singer, was a pre-debut
member with SNSD.

In 2009, while many girl groups debuted and took a fierce stage image,T-Ara took the opposite route with a “girls next door” image. They were able to distinguish themselves from the competition and were well received by fans. Their debut song “Lie” went to the top 5, and collaboration TTL (Time To Love) with male group Cho Shin Sung became one of the most popular dance hits of the year. At the end of 2009, T-Ara released their first studio album.

The title song “Bo Beep Bo Beep” spent many weeks on top of many charts,
including our own soompi chart for three weeks. Follow up hits “Like The First Time” and “Crazy Because Of You” from the repackaged version of their album also did very well. With consecutive hit songs, T-Ara quickly became of the most popular girl groups in Korea.

T-Ara members also have solo activities: Ji Yeon joined members of See Ya and Davichi for the project single “Women Generation” and also acted in the KBS drama “God Of Study”. Qri is another member making her acting debut in the MBC historical drama “Queen Sun Tak”. Eun Jung and Hyo Min participated in the 2nd part of Women Generation with See Ya and Davichi, a song called “Wonder Woman”. Overall, their members have gained increasing popularity each day.


* Lies (digital single, 2009-04-30) : 거짓말 (Lies) (Part.1), 거짓말 (Lies) (Part.2), 놀아볼래?, 거짓말 (Lies) (Ballad Ver.)

* TTL (Time To Love) (Single, 2009-09-15)

* TTL Listen 2 (Single, 2009-10-09)

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* Absolute First Album (1st album, 2009-11-27)

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* Breaking Heart (Repackage, 2010-02-23)

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