Album Review - Drama OST Collection

Drama OST Collection

If – Taeyeon (Hong Gil Dong OST)
02 Do You Know – Lyn (I Love You
03 Everyday, I – Brian (Hello! Miss OST)
04 Until My Tears
Dry – Tei (Lobbyist OST)
05 One Year is Like a Day – Bobby Kim (War
of Money OST)
06 Like You Like You – Vanilla Unity (Goong S OST)
Love is Leaving – Han Ul (Golden Bride OST)
08 Over the Rainbow –
Crying Nut (Rainbow Romance OST)
09 Don’t Love Me – JK Kim Dong Wook
(The Devil OST)
10 My Song – Moonlight Elf Grand Slam (Catch Gangnam
Mom OST)
11 Remember – Oh Hyun Ran (What Happened in Bali OST)
It’s the First Time – Kim Yeon Woo (Hong Gil Dong OST)
13 Thousand
Year Love – Jo Gwan Woo (King and I OST)
14 I Like You Because It’s
You – Kim Chan Min (My Ex-wife Lives Next Door OST)
15 Song of Sorrow
– Je-A (King and I OST)
16 A Little Bit – Wooden Bicycle (Couple
Breaking OST)

01 Back Step – Bobby Kim & Buga Kingz
(The Devil OST)
02 My Destiny – Bada & Jo Gyu Chan (I Love You
03 I Have lots of Luck – No Brain (Hong Gil Dong OST)
04 My
Love – Lim Hyun Sup (What Happened in Bali OST)
05 Small Boat – SNSD
(Hong Gil Dong OST)
06 Bi So Yu – Brown Eyed Girls & Maydoni
(King and I OST)
07 I Love You – Song Chang Ui (Golden Bride OST)
Will You Be My Love – Kim Hyung Joong (Rainbow Romance OST)
09 Don’t
Love Me – Uhm Tae Woong (The Devil OST)
10 NoNoNo,Yes – Turtles (I
Love You OST)
11 Bad Person – Baek Ji Young (Hwang Jini OST)
Because It Hurts So Much – Lee Ki Chan (Hong Kong Express OST)
Please – Lim Hyung Joo (King and I OST)
14 Soliloquy – Park Seung Hwa
of Yurisangja (My Ex-wife Lives Next Door OST)
15 Kite – Park Wan
Gyu (Hong Gil Dong OST)
16 My Only Love – Byun Jin Sup (Stained Glass

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A 2 disc, 32-track album filled
with theme songs from hit Korean dramas between the time of 2004 and
2008 has finally been released for drama lovers to indulge and reminisce
to their favorite television shows. Listeners, fans and non-fans of
dramas alike can listen to top singers such as Bobby Kim, Tei, Brown
Eyed Girls, and Baek Ji Young as they take part in popular dramas
including Hong Gil Dong, What Happened In Bali, Money’s Warfare, and so
forth. The songs range from heart-wrenching ballads to rock-influenced
upbeat numbers.

Some of the songs I particularly enjoyed in Disc 1
were Taeyeon’s “If,” Bobby Kim’s “One Year is Like a Day,” and Je-A’s
“Song of Sorrow.” Most K-pop fans are probably aware of the first song,
because Taeyeon of pop group, SNSD sings this emotional ballad. She does
a great job expressing the feeling of new love. “One Year is Like a
Day” on the other hand is a medium-tempo track with an upbeat rhythm.
Once again, Bobby Kim does not fail to bring out his smooth vocals
almost effortlessly. I was quite lured to the style of this song, and I
think others will get a kick out of the melody as well. The last song in
the first half of the album I would recommend would be “Song of
Sorrow.” Sung by Je-A of pop group, Brown Eyed Girls, her vocals flow
well with the Korean-esque style that is supposed to fit the theme of
the historical drama, King and I. Through this song, listeners can get a
taste of the group’s previous musical styles.

I found a lot more
songs enjoyable in Disc 2, those including Lee Hyun Sup’s “My Love,”
Baek Ji Young’s “Bad Person,” and “Lee Ki Chan’s “Because It Hurts So
Much.” “My Love” is a typical drama theme song, very dramatic with lots
of feeling. However, the song caught my ear nonetheless. The hint of
guitar instrumentals seemed to play a role in the song, as it brought a
Spanish feel to it. “Bad Person,” track, 11 is from Hwang Jini, a tale
about one of Korea’s most renowned gisaengs. It is a very beautiful
ballad with violin accompaniment. The last song is I want to mention is
“Because It Hurts so Much.” Lee Ki Chan’s tender vocals are worth
listening to in this slow-tempo number.

In conclusion, I wish the
people who chose the songs in the album would have included a wider
variety of dramas; there were like five songs from the Hong Gil Dong
drama series alone. However, most of the songs in this compilation album
were worth listening for drama and music lovers alike. Those who want
to get introduced to Korean music can start off with this.


– Even if you’re not a fan of this artist/group this album is a must
4/5 – If you’re a fan of this artist/group, you must buy this

3/5 – If you’re a fan of this artist/group, you might
want to add this one to your collection.
2/5 – I don’t think a fan
would even buy this.
1/5 – You might as well just flush your money
down the toilet

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