Album Review - Missy Ballad – Vol. 3

Missy Ballad – Vol. 3

I Have a Lover – Jo Gyu Chan
02 This Type of Man – Monday Kiz
My Image Shining From My Heart – Park Hye Kyung
04 Stop It, Heart –
MC the Max
05 Women Eat Love – Wax
06 First Love – Vink & Shim
Eun Jin
07 Beauty – Lee Ki Chan
08 Slight Showers with Sunshine –
09 Are There Any Men Like This – Lee So Eun
10 Goodbye –
Go Yoo Jin
11 3PM Love – Park Ki Young
12 Love With Consent – Lee
Hyun Woo
13 Like a Habit – So Min
14 Are We Know Lovers Now – Yoon
Jong Shin
15 A Shot of Soju – Lim Chang Jung

01 The
Heart Orders Love – Buzz
02 She Is – Alex and Horan
03 Short Sky –
Jang Hye Jin
04 Love Always Comes Back – Jo Sung Mo
05 Red
Sneakers – Park Hye Kyung
06 White Love Story – As One
07 Do You
Know – Lisa
08 I Told You I Love You – Sweet Sorrow
09 Forever –
Jun Jin
10 Hurt My Ankle – Tim
11 After Breakup – The Name &
Choi Jini
12 Melo-drama – Link
13 Half Love – Gi Hoo
14 I Swear
My Love – Bijou
15 Reason for Happiness – Oh Seok Jun

This Album

Project album, Missy Ballad returns with its third
installation of hit ballads. This 2 CD, 30-track album includes favorite
ballads from Korea’s top artists including MC the Max, Alex & Horan
(Clazziquai), Buzz, Jo Sung Mo, and Jang Hye Jin to name a few. There
are an assortment of ballads, some lighthearted in feeling, while others
are emotional love songs from popular drama series, all of which are
perfect for the winter season.

“Are There Any Men Like This,”
sung by Lee So Eun would be a great example of a happy-go-lucky ballad
number. With bubbly beats, this cute song is about wondering where one’s
perfect half may be. Her sweet vocals portray this feeling well. Sweet
Sorrow’s “I Told You I Love You” on the other hand is a bit more
touching. Originally from the drama series, Bad Couple, this song
expresses unfailing love. The beautiful piano melody accompanies with
the vocals accordingly. Those more into K-pop can try out Shinhwa
member, Jun Jin’s “Forever,” a medium- tempo duet number or Tim’s “Hurt
My Ankle,” which showcases his sweet vocals.

Missy Ballad’s third
volume has a mix of some of Korea’s great ballads that I think most
K-pop listeners may not be familiar with. Those in the mood of some
relaxing beats can pop in this album without much disappointment.


– Even if you’re not a fan of this artist/group this album is a must
4/5 – If you’re a fan of this artist/group, you must buy this

3/5 – If you’re a fan of this artist/group, you might
want to add this one to your collection.
2/5 – I don’t think a fan
would even buy this.
1/5 – You might as well just flush your money
down the toilet

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