New Albums And Singles Preview - 2010 March Week 4

Rain (Special Album) – Back To The Basic (April 1)

01 Song That Will Get You
02 Hip
03 One
04 Same
05 Love Song – English Version

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Next week, Rain
will return with a special album, titled Back to the Basic. The meaning
behind the title is that despite being in the music business for eight
years, his heart and effort in it is like that of a rookie artist. Many
anticipate his new work which includes a photo shoot that equally
captured attention from fans and non-fans alike.

Eyed Soul – Double Single – Vol. 1
(March 31)

01 I Will Move Aside
Blowin’ My Mind
03 I Will Move Aside INST
04 Blowin’ My Mind INST
I Will Move Aside (String Ver)

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Korea’s top
vocal group, Brown Eyed Soul returns after two years and 5 months with a
double single. The songs included in it are the title track, “I Will
Move Aside” and follow up number “Blowin’ My Mind.” “I Will Move Aside”
is a R&B ballad number with lyrics about telling another person
about leaving a loved one’s side coolly. The song starts off with Jung
Yeop, Young Jun, and Sang Hoon’s emotional vocals and ends with Naul’s
passionate voice. The second song, “Blowing’ My Mind” on the other hand
is a song with very lovable lyrics. It is about falling in love and
mentions all the happy points to it. It incorporated percussion to bring
forth fresh rhythms.

ZE:A 2nd single – Leap For

01 Intro
02 All Day Long
(Original Ver)

03 Man 2 Man
04 All Day Long

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9-member male
group, ZE:A who had debuted at the beginning of this year, has returned
with their second single album, Leap for Detonation. Through this, the
boys hope to bring out a more mature image as they make one step forward
as a music group. Hitmaker, The Brave Brothers and Choi Hyun Jun of VOS
have taken part in the songs. The title track, “All Day Long” was
composed by The Brave Brothers and is about the sadness one feels after a
breakup from a male’s perspective.

Zi-A (single)
– Bad Habit

01 Bad Habit
02 Bad Habit

Zi-A releases the second digital single, “Bad Habit” of the
T-Project with the theme of timeless. Earlier this year she had released
the first single, “Have One Drink” which was based on the theme of
woman’s tears due to breakup and sadness. “Bad Habit” is about not being
able to forget one’s past love and thus, goes back to past memories
like a bad habit.

Eun Ji Won (single) – While

01 While Drunk…
02 While
Drunk… INST

Eun Ji Won, who had released his fifth album after 4
years and 10 months has returned once again with his first digital
single, “While Drunk.” This electronica hip-hop number was composed by
Kim Saejin who has also done works for Lyn, FT Island, and Wheesung.


The Signature 1st EP – Present Address (released)
– Song Of Change (released)
Yoon Jong Shin (single) – Monthly
Project 2010 April (released)
What A Circus – What A Circus
Park Sae Byul Vol. 1 – 새벽별 (March 29)
Boni 1st
mini-album – Nu One (March 29)
Hot Potato – 시소 (March 30)
Hart – B (March 30)
Cheezstereo – 화성 로맨스 (March 31)
Real Acoustic
Compilation Album Vol. 1 (April 1)
In Flower Vol. 1 – Rina (April 1)
– Salon De Piano (April 1)
Yoon Sang Hyun (single) – Saigo No Ame
(April 1)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
to motoway065 for translations

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