Weekly Music Shows Canceled This Week

Due to the recent tragedy of the Cheonan sinking incident, M!Countdown, KBS Music Bank and MBC Music Core will not be aired this week. SBS Inkigayo is still deciding if it will air this week. They had already canceled the show two days ago on March 28, right after the incident, to show respect for the victims of the tragedy.

According to a CNN article, the 1,200-ton patrol ship Cheonan was carrying 104 South Korean sailors when an apparent explosion caused it to capsize Friday night in the Yellow Sea near a disputed maritime border between the Koreas. Fifty-eight sailors have been rescued, but hopes were fading for finding the remaining 46. No bodies or survivors have been found in the sea.

Usually, M! Contdown airs every other Thursday, KBS Music Bank on Friday, MBC Music Core on Saturday, and SBS InkiGayo On Sunday. Whenever K-Pop singers release something new, they appear constantly on these programs to promote their new song.

After School, who had made their comeback last week, had only one chance to perform “Bang!” live, and may have to wait another week to perform it again.

Rain, who also was set to make his comeback on the various music shows this week, will be likely be delayed until next week. It may end up that Rain and Hyori have their comeback performances at the same time on the music shows.