MBC Music Core 04.10.2010 Performances

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Music Core 04.10.2010

Performers List
♬ Comeback stage
Rain “Hip Song” & “Love Song”
After School “Let’s Do It!” & “Bang!”

♬ Hot stage
SNSD “Run Devil Run”
T-ara “I Go Crazy Because Of You”
2AM “I Did Wrong”
Beast “Shock”
KARA “Lupin”

♬ New Song
Secret “Magic”
ZE:A “All Day Long”
*Yoo Seung Chan “Chemistry”

♬ Volume Up stage
*Epik High “Run”
One Way “Magic”

♬ 아픈 이★
*Defconn (feat.구지성) “How to Break the Wrapper Off”
An Jin Kyung “Bad Person”

♬ Let’s Trot
*Wink “얼쑤” (Fantastic)
*Lee Na Young “1초 만에” (In One Second)
*Tae Jin Ah & Maya “사랑은 돈보다 좋다”  (Love More Then Money)

*video not linked

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