“40% Of Actors Have Considered Suicide”

Four out of every 10 actors here have been suffering from
depression and have had suicidal urges from time to time, according to
a degree paper by actress Park Jin-hee, Tuesday.

About 20 percent have actually purchased toxic agents or “devices”
for suicide, she revealed, claiming that the extreme stress to stay
attractive and to remain in the limelight drives them to mental
instability and leads them to make drastic choices.

For her masters degree paper for Yonsei University, “Studies on
Depression and Suicidal Urges Among Actors,” Park, who has played
leading roles in numerous movies and TV dramas, interviewed 260 actors
last year with incomes ranging from 10 million won-per-episode to less
than 1 million won a month.

She found that 40 percent were suffering from depression.

Respondents were quoted as saying, “I am sick of being alive. I want
to die” and “I want to commit suicide and have often thought about
going through with it.” About 20 percent of them actually bought pills
or other harmful devices to kill themselves and another 20 percent
said that they have confessed to others about their urges.

Park said most of these symptoms derive from their “unstable status”
in life. They thought their employment status was too rocky and that
their talents weren’t received well enough by the public and industry

The gap between the general public’s perception that entertainers
“live flamboyant and happy lives” and their actual life being “not so
glamorous” also caused them mental anguish.

They were often forced to hide their real characters or feelings from
others to remain “likable” and some of them thought “having to stay
young and blissful” was self-consuming.

Their stress index marked 53.12 out 100, which is higher than that
of self-employed men at 48.12 and salaried workers, at 48.18.

Park’s report is expected to create a whirlwind in the showbiz world
recently reeling from many celebrities committing suicide and the
possible copycat syndrome among their fans.

Actresses Lee Eun-joo, Chung-Da-bin, Choi Jin-sil; actor Choi
Jin-young and pop singer Yuni are just some of the well-known
celebrities who have taken their own lives of late.

After the suicide by the late actress Choi Jin-sil in October 2008,
the number of suicides jumped by 60 percent compared to the previous
year, according to Statistics Korea.

“The numbers show that people, who seem to be in the middle of
amiability, love and glamour, are some of the most lonesome and
troubled,” Park said in the paper.

source: Korea

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