JaeJoong, JunSu and YooChun to form unique unit

Amidst the discord between the Dong Bang Shin Ki trio and their
agency SM Entertainment, Avex Japan posted up an announcement on April 14 announcing that the trio will continue to promote in Japan as a unique unit.

Meanwhile, news has also came in today that SM Entertainment will be
filing a lawsuit against the trio claiming 2.2 billion KRW following the
news that they will be filing for an appeal against the provisional
decision for the trio’s lawsuit against the company last July.

Hello this is Bigeast Office.

Its been decided that Junsu,Jaejoong, and Yoochun the 3 will make a

The 3 has contracted with Avex and a management company and will
start their activities.

Also to show our appreciation to everyone the 3’s new unit will have
an event in  Dome!

We will send out the details as soon as it is decided.
Please look forward to it!!

It has also been announced on their new web site that the trio will also be doing a Thankgiving Live concert in Osaka and Tokyo.


6/5(Sat)- starts16:00/ends:18:00 (planned)
Kyou Sera Dome Osaka

6/6(Sun)- starts14:00/ends:16:00 (planned)
Kyou Sera Dome Osaka

6/12(Sat)- starts16:00/ends:18:00 (planned)
Tokyo Dome

6/13(Sun)- starts16:00/ends:18:00 (planned)
Tokyo Dome

*Please know that the place/time may change.

A-ticket first release: 4/14(Thr)12:00-4/22(Thr) 18:00

trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment revealed more about their appeal case
against the trio:

The discord started with part of the Dong Bang Shin Ki
members investing in a cosmetic enterprise. They had violated the terms
of their contract with us by using the name ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki’ and
publicity for the enterprise, and they have argued against and denied
the exclusive contract terms and filed for provisional disposition.

In the process of the lawsuit, the schedule of the group could not be
carried out as usual, and this has also caused harm to the remaining 2
members. We want to request for confirmation for the presence of the
exclusive contract terms with the 3 members and claim at least 2.2
billion KRW from them for the loss due to their modeling for the
cosmetic brand and the cancellation of the ShimCheon concert.


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