Mnet M! Countdown 04.15.10 Performances

Rain wins his second #1 Mnet M!Countdown with “Love Song.” He had previously won it for his comeback stage on the show. Like all his other recent stages, he also performed “Hip Song”.

Hyori, making her comeback stage, performed 3 songs from her album “H-Logic”. “I’m Back” , “Want Me Back” and “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”

U-Kiss, Secret and Gil Hak Mi also performed special stages for Hyori’s comeback.

After promoting the song for two months, KARA performs their goodbye stage for “Lupin”. The song had been very successful for them as they had many wins on the various music shows. SeungYeon, seen wearing a cast during the performance, injured her arm during filming on the 13th, and has to wear a cast for about a week

They do not have a follow up song prepared, so it may be a while before we see them performing on K-pop music shows again as they plan to do promotions in Japan this summer.

Watch the performances here

Lee Hyori – “I’m Back” , “Want Me Back” and “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”
Rain – “Love Song” and “Hip Song”
KARA – “Lupin”
U-KIss -“What” and “You Go Girl”
Secret – “Magic” and “TOC TOC TOC”
F.cuz – “No one”
Gil Hak Mi – “10 Minutes”
*Boohwal –
*Ally –

*video not linked

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