New Albums And Singles Preview – 2010 April Week 3

Norazo Vol. 4 – Turn Over a New Leaf (April 20)

01 Rock Star
02 Save Me
04 Hwang Jo Ga
05 Lay the Mind
06 Ha ba ba Oompa
08 Book
09 Love Fighter (Love Song 4)
10 Hyeong
12 Sorry, I Love You
13 Constipation
14 Want to Seize
It, So Seize It (World Cup Song)

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Norazo, known
for their bizarre music has returned this year with their fourth album,
titled Turn Over a New Leaf. It’s been a year and a half since their
last release, “Superman.” The first song in the album is “Rock Star”
which as the title suggests, has strong rock beats with upbeat guitar
instrumentals. The song is about the hardships Norzao has encountered as
singers. The title track is “Save Me” which has sad melodies, showing a
different size of the group. Other songs included in the album are
exciting number, “Curry,” “BOOK,” which is about the behind the scenes
at clubs, and so forth.

4minute (single) –
Personal Taste OST Part. 3

01 Making Love

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4Minute is the
third artist, following Younha, to take part in the soundtrack for the
“Personal Taste” drama series, with the song, “Making Love.” The song
was composed by hitmaker Shin In Su who has also done works for drama
series such as My Fair Lady as well as popular songs such as Davichi’s
“Hot Stuff.” The song has trendy rhythms, an emotional melody, and
lovable lyrics.

Kim Tae Woo (single) – Personal
Taste OST Part. 4

01 Your Wings

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Kim Tae Woo is
the fourth artists to take part in the soundtrack for “Personal Taste”
which stars Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin, and their interesting tale. The
insert song is about the feeling about being able to fly if being with
you. It is a upbeat house tempo number filled with hope.

– Why Are You Like This

01 See Only You, Hold Only You, Will
Love Only You
02 Why Are You Like This (feat. Ha Joo Yeon of
Jewelry) (She Said)

03 U R Ma Girl
04 Why Are You Like This
(feat. Nassun) (He Said)
05 Because of You (John Solo)
06 Why Are
You Like This – Inst.
07 Because of You – Inst.

group, 2NISE who produces, writes, composes, arranges, as well as sound
mixes all on their own has debuted and released their first mini album.
The title track is “Why Are You Like This” which has the music styles of
popular groups, Big Bang, 4minute, After School, and Tiara, in hopes to
appeal to the masses. It has south hip-hop styles and groovy rhythms
and electronica sounds. The song is about the light meeting between a
guy and a girl and their genuine love.


E-Tribe – E-Tribe Project Album (201004) (released)
Yoon Ah (single) – 도쿄블루스 (released)
Yoon Do Hyun (single) – 김제동송 –
오쿄쿄쿄 (released)
Paloalto – Lonely Hearts (April 20)
Guckkasten –
Re-recording Album (April 20)
Daydream – Concerto D’Amour (April 20)
1st mini-album – Victory (April 20)
Innocent Shine – Lightnology
(April 20)
Lee Chul Hoon – Day Dream (April 21)
Fanny Fink – 7
Moments (April 21)
Banana Bau Vol. 1 – 바우氏의 일상 (April 22)
– New Try (April 22)
Atom Returnz – 괴색젊음 (April 22)
Monla –
Jealousy (April 22)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia,
Dosirak, Naver
credits to motoway065 for translations