Past Idols' Bold Perspective Of Idol Relationships

On April 20th, Kim Tae Woo made a bold statement on Mnet Radio. “If idols say they are not dating, it is 90% likely to be a lie.” Seeing as how he was in a boyband, I wouldn’t put it past him that he’s telling the the truth. He added that during g.o.d.’s peak of success, “all the g.o.d. members were dating. I’d say 90% of the idols were in a relationship.”

an episode of Star Golden Bell, one of the guests boldly announced,
“Idols do date each other. They sneak out to each other through the
window.” He then turned to Super Junior’s Yesung, “Isn’t that true?” Yesung stuttered in response, unsure of how to answer and fellow member Sung Min charmingly stepped in, “He
wouldn’t know anything about that.” They are trained to slyly avoid
these questions.

“Always say you’re single even if you’re actually in a relationship.”
– Leeteuk, Super Junior, Star Golden Bell

course, there are hints out there. Lee Jung Hyun divulged that she’s
had twenty-two male celebrities attempt to court her. Jo Kwon and Rain
revealed similar statistics, as did Brown Eyed Girls’s Narsha. So we know it happens.

recently revealed he has been in a seven-year relationship with actress
Park Han Byul. He confirmed it on his cyworld July 10, 2009.

Lee Hyori admitted in 2008 on Sang Sang Plus that while two rumors about scandal partners were false, the rest are true.

should expect as much. After all, celebrities the world over tend to
hook up with people of a similar income and similar career choices.
With seasoned idols freely opening up about their relationships with
other idols, the same can be assumed for the newer ones.

Speaking on the possibility of idols hooking up with one another, Kim Tae Woo explained, “Idols must deny dating no matter what. Because of this, most idols end up dating one another.”

the lying and buzz created for fake “scandals” has definitely lost its touch, so much to the point that I choose to ignore “scandals” now. Take for instance the recent couple rings scandal between Yoona (Girls’ Generation) and Taecyeon (2PM). Taecyeon says the ring was given to him by his parents. Yoona says all the Girls’ Generation members wear the same ring. The energy wears off immediately, and it all sounds like that Ke$ha song “Bla, Bla, Bla.” At least the netizens can halt their plans of attacking the members’ cyworlds.

Every detail is subject to the netizens’ ever observant scrutiny, scrutiny over even the smallest forms of skinship (even hands accidentally brushing can seal the deal between friends and lovers) and then srutiny such as relentless cyworld attacks. K-Pop idols are known to frequently close their minihompy against cyworld attacks.

At times it seems that the K-Pop world should be slightly more honest or rather, not go to extreme effort to
divert or throw people off the truth, but then again, with fanbases as
crazy as what went down at the 2008 Dream Concert (a very catastrophic
ELF vs. SNSD meltdown), it’s understandable.

Lets hope that some day a balance of understanding between netizens and idols yearning to be more public about their relationships can one day be achieved.

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